Ali Momeni

Ali Momeni studied composition, improvisation and performance with computers at the UC Berkeley before spending three years collaborating with performers and researchers from La Kitchen, IRCAM, Sony CSL and CIRM. In the past few years, he has also collaborated with artists including Laetitia Sonami, Alvin Curran, Pierre Boulez, Atau Tanaka, Peter Mussbach and Shu lea Cheang. His main interests revolve around interactivity in the arts, gesture to sound/image mappings, synthesis techniques, improvisation, musical theater and instrument building. 

His approach to composition and performance is a refreshing one, whereby the global act of building an instrument, or "composing" an instrument as he names it, should it be the software that is written, the controllers that are used and the resulting interaction, is the composition itself. 

One of the highlights of his recent work is his collaboration with conductor Kent Nagano on Takemitsu's opera My Way of Life. For the occasion, he developed a real-time instrument which allowed him to analyse the sound of the orchestra, synthetize and control the spatialization of various complementary musical material. 

Ali's Lemur workshop


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