Joris Voorn

Joris Voorn's world has blown up in the last few years. His Balance 14 mix CD, taking in a hundred tracks material as diverse as material from Goldie, Radiohead, Flying Lotus, Ricardo Villalobos and Aphex Twin has achieved critical acclaim and promoters worldwide are falling over themselves to book his digital DJing and Live show. However, Joris remains humble and modest, suggesting that his success is simply down to working hard and the records speaking for themselves. With a signature sound this good, who are we to argue?! We catch up with Joris as he's about to jump on a plane on the way to a short tour of Canada. 

Can you tell a bit about yourself, how and why you got into music, a bit about your history and how you became successful ? 

My name's Joris and I come from Amsterdam, which is where I live at the moment. I've been in music, basically almost since I was born, but professionally into the DJing and live performance since about 2003/2003. I made a few records that were received quite well and then a few albums and mix CDs. Basically, my success followed from this! 

How did you discover Jazzmutant's controllers? 

I think every musician or every studio technician will know that you're always kind of looking for the perfect controller, so I was looking for this perfect controller that did all the things that I wanted to do - but there isn't such a thing! The only thing that came close is the Lemur because you can actually make your own controller the way you want it. So that's how I came across this machine. 

Why did you choose to use it above other products on the market? 

As far as I know it's the only 100% adaptable interface. You can really create your own interface, beside what buttons you want to use you can REALLY perfectly match it to the setup that you're using, either for DJing, Live or in the studio.

How has using the controller changed the way you work?

It has and especially on the live performance side, or particularly on the DJing side, as I DJ in a digital way, it's really made the whole flow of everything so much better because it kind of brings the computer screen to your hands. I really feels as if you're very much in control - as much as control as possible almost of the music and all the parameters that you want to change. I can control everything in Traktor from the Lemur and if don't even have to touch the computer at all if I don't want to. 

What do you find most useful about it in terms of features? 

I think the most useful is the access that you have with the buttons. The buttons that you can create can be made are small or as big as you want and you can make them do anything you want. These things really make it very easy to scroll through things on the computer, which is perfect. I can use extra large buttons for the most important function and I make the layout look exactly as 

What would you like to see in future revisions of the software? 

I would like it to be slightly smaller, and also perhaps to match more closely how my screen looks (Editor: Mu, the new, truly integrated Ableton Live controller for the Lemur should be interesting here!!) 

What are your plans for the near future? 

I'm always working in the studio on new tracks but I'm slowly starting work on a new album. Besides that I'm constantly on the road playing everywhere in the world - with the Lemur - every single time! I'm on my way to Canada and am going to playing at an event called Igloofest, so it's gonna be minus... well... whatever it's gonna be, but it's going to be outside and really realy cold! I hope I have a heater on stage or something! 


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