Formed in 2004 by Christian Riekoff and Markus Schneider, RISC address investigation of surrounding environments, whether virtual or physical.

In their work, RISC aim visual and sonic transferences by detecting underlaying structural patterns and processes while simultaneously displaying and creating interplays and interferences. Projects of RISC may appear web-based, as installations, as realtime visuals, as concerts, in any other form, or on your personal computer. 

What was your initial motivation to start working with the Lemur? 

Introduced to the Lemur we immediately realized that it's potential goes far beyond just beeing a simple substitution of previous used controllers. 

What is your immediate statement describing (your work with) the Lemur? 

The Lemur enables us to finally access the tools and applications we program or work with, customized for our own purposes. 

How does the Lemur affect your daily workflow? 

We are now able to create our own environment controlling studio setups or live performances. The Lemur simply has changed our way of working . 



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