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4 balls
Ranged Multiball for sending pan and other control-change data
Four Live Loopers
Basic template for 4 Live Loopers
Ableton Live - Clip Manipulator - MCU
modified live clip manipulator using MCU
Ableton Live Morph EQ
A morpher for Abletons EQ8
Clip Launcher
An Ableton Live clip launcher that uses Python scripts.
D-Blue Glitch Controller.
A well designed Glitch Controller that includes an Ableton Live Set.
Hybrid API Manipulator
A navigation tool based on Ableton's Live API.
Live API Template 2
A template for Windows that enables the use of the Ableton Live API on Lemur.
Live Beat Repeat
A Beat Repeat controller for Ableton Live.
Live Clip Manipulator
A nice template to browse through Clip View. Including an Ableton Live Set.
M4L Beat Repeat
A module to control Ableton Live's BeatRepeat with MaxForLive.
M4L Buffer Shuffler
A module to control Ableton Live's BufferShuffler with MaxForLive.
M4L Device Controller
Controls the currently selected device on track. Requires MaxForLive
Modumat 16 Step
Stepmodulation of Control Change data
MU Custom module loader
This is an example to show you a basic way to integrate custom modules into the Mu.
MU Loop Brace4 SH
Control the loop and pitch parameters of a clip. Works with either a fixed track and scene or the currently highlighted clip.
MU NordLead2
A MU expansion to add control of your NordLead2.
MU Scratch SH
A scratch device for Ableton Live, with a kind of turntable. Control the speed, friction, attraction, beats/revolution and bypass distance.
MU Step Sequencer
StepSeq_SH is a simple step sequencer for the Mu. You can control the Pitch, Octave, Velocity, Duration, Loop, steps, sequences, direction, interval. There is an editor to modify visible tracks.
Operator SH
Interface to control Ableton's Live 8 Operator.
Relative Knob and Fader
Ready to use relative knobs and faders designed for Live.
Sequencomat V3 lite
Midi Step Sequencer in Max/MSP
6x9 Ableton MIDI Template
6x9 clip launcher + MCU faders and lots of fx control.
6x12 Ableton MIDI Template
An ableton live interface for trigger and recording audio and MIDI.
Clip Launcher no MU
A clip launcher for Ableton Live that does not uses MU.
Total control of Ableton Live from your Lemur.
FourTrack Live Set
A compact four tracks interface for Live with effects. Including an Ableton Live Set.
The sunshine funk dj remote
A dj remote for live.
Lemur DJ Template
Simple lemur DJ template. with an Ableton Live Set.
M4L Lemur Plugin Controller
A basic fader, ring and ball controller with physics assignable through M4L.
Live Template
An Ableton Live DJ Template.
Live Clip Manipulator
The original Live Clip Manipulator without the MIDI mod.
Macro Modulator v1
Max & Lemur combo to control Ableton Live.
MCU Faders
Mackie emulation for Ableton Live.
Mix your tune
Interface that mixes with live.
Monomat v2
Stepsequencer in Max/MSP. Includes the patch.
Operator Ableton Live 8
Interface to control Operator in Ableton Live 8. Including an Ableton Live Set.
Drone It Yourself
a drone manipulator instrument
Phatty Control for Ipad
Moog Little Phatty/Slim Phatty control interface
live looping with audio, drums, and synths
ableton controller
Live MXL 1.3
Ableton Live Dj Midi Controller
Keybord + Pad
Minimoog Voyager Controller
Voyager KB & RME control
Mu - Amp
Mu Amp Device Controller
Monolake Granulator
Monolake Granulator Controll with 2 pages and all parameters settinger
Monemur v3 - iPhone
Monome 8x8
Template for Camel Audio's Camelphat
Ambivalent Beats
Straightforward performance drum machine for Ableton Live
MIDI Step Sequencer
Step sequencer powered entirely by Lemur scripts
Mixer with 16Channel + 4 Send/Return
Sequencomat V1
8 track 16 step midi sequencer in max/msp
MIDI CC Sequencer
A step sequencer for MIDI CC values
Travelizer Controller - 5 Multiball - 8 Memories - Pads...
Fader as Pads
Example on making pads act as a fader
Mu- Cabinet
A Mu interface for Ableton's Cabinet effect.
Mu- SupaTrigga AU
A Mu interface for the classic SupaTrigga Audio Unit effect.
Mu- Reverb
A Mu interface for Ableton's Reverb effect.
Basic Ableton Mixer
A Dub-centric Mixer
MU : Reverb SH - LEGACY
Modified Version of MU-REVERB by JOSHUA DOANE made for the iPad Lemur app that I adapted for Legacy users
AIR Controller
Ableton Instrument Rack Controller
controller for Kflux
controller for Kfluxin
Multislider value inversion
Ableton Analog
Interface for Ableton's Analog Synthesizer Device
Virus Ti
Virus Ti Controller
Eq, Gain, Autofilter
Ableton Clip Launcher
An adjustable up to 8x8 clip launcher
Assignable HighRes Controllers
Control Tempo And TempoFine of Ableton Live
A different 2D Modulator
DJ EQ module
A simple interface for DJ styled EQs
Live 9 Transport
Transport section for Live 9
Speedy Line Checker
Send Tone To Audio Outs
Expert Sleepers Sw Plugins 1 Lemur Template
Template for Expert Sleepers Sw Lfo, Step Lfo, Quantizer, Clock
Ableton Breakpoint Auto Filter Control
Select Filter Type, Control Freq and Reso
Ableton DJ Mixer
4 channel 3 EQ 2 Filter Mixer for Ableton Live
Aalto Lemur Interface
Controller for Aalto
Instant Haus template (max for live device)
full control on instant haus by AlexxKid (Max for live device)
NI Monark
Midi version
iPhone Loops for Worship
Use it with Ableton live for live performances
dBlue Glitch
iPad Glitch Control
Effectrix 14 FX
Ableton Sampler
A control surface Ableton Live's Sampler
Alphakanal Automat
Control surface for Alphakanal's synth Automat
David Lopez de Arenosa
Ableton Live Looper 8 banks
Ableton Live Mixer Controller
Lemur template for accessing Gridlock
Inspired by Maschine
The Fields
Ableton + Maschine Template with adaptive tabs
Arturia ProphetV
Quick programming template
Ableton Mixer/Sends/FX
Lots of Ableton Mixer Bits
Abletribe Rhythm Composer
16+1 Track Rhythm Composer
Mono Sequencer (m4l) 1.1
A lemur layout for the max4live Mono Sequencer
Chicago Hous Mod
Controller for M4L Drum Sequencer
Tomb Live 2.3
Multi Sampler / Multi Sequencer for Live play
ArpP 1.3
Arpeggiator and beyond with Max for Live
Grain Hand 2.1
Granulator using Max. Shows waveform on Lemur! OSC setup for ya
16 Mapper Live OSC
Map anything in Ableton
The Padma 1.2
An m4l OSC interface for hammered and plucked string instruments
NoisR ControL (IPad)
Template for NoisR M4L
fingArp 1.1
improvisational Arpeggiator: M4l OSC
36 CH OSC Controller for MOTU AVB Line
amBe 1.2
multi-looper connected to m4l via OSC
form 1.0
polyphonic lemur/m4l sampler
seQ 1.0
m4l OSC connected sequencer for parameters or notes
seq[live] 1.0
a workspace for 8 sequencers m4l OSC connected
amBe ||
multi-looper_ maxforlive&lemur_OSC
Redrum inspired drum sequencer
Melodic Step Sequencer
iota 1.2
spectrogram granulator _ lemur+m4l
Akai MPD32
MPD32 inspired template
Roll a ball smoothly across your iPad screen
Granulator II Control
Granulator II Control
Lemur Controller
Ableton Operator
Lemur Controller
Leap epically through triadic space like Schubert
circuit 1.0
max+lemur textural audio effect. OSC connected
Gabriele Pellegrini
Roland AIRA TB-3+XY Scatter and control CC Bypass EFX
Gabriele Pellegrini
Roland AIRA TB-3+XY Scatter and control CC Bypass EFX
Simply NI Battery Record
Simply interface for fast clip recordings
ZeroKuro's ClipLauncher NOMU
Not Uses MU!!!!!!
16 Step Drum Sequencer
Drum Sequencer for anything
An smart harp interface for iPad
L'Pad Pro
L'Pad Pro
Control & Patch u-He Bazille
Stronger 2008 Daft punk Kanye West
d'ont open with jazzmutant
Technocity controller
AtoV Project Technocity step sequencer controller
7 Band EQ
All Custom designed Sleek Template
Roundtrip MIDI Latency Checker
Polyplex polyrythmic sequencer
A tool to make polyrhythmic drum patterns designed for NI Polyplex
Premium knob
GUI - Knob element
Premium Fader
GUI - Fader element
Premium button - concept one
GUI - Button element
JdiKoder VCM600 10-channel
Spitfire UACC and KeySwitcher
Articulation Template
Aux and Fader control for Ableton Live
Fader and aux control with pitch control and reverse function
See the MIDI Coming into Lemur


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