User Library

2-Modul8 ROADIE T.V. vj set up
new modul8 vj set up ,Santiago ,Chile
4 balls
Ranged Multiball for sending pan and other control-change data
Arturia Analog Factory
Arturia Analog Factory
Battery editor and controller
Battery editor and controller
Trigger notes from bouncing balls
Lagging Fader v2
Fader2 smoothly reaches Fader1 value upon a button press
Breakpoint ADSR
A basic ADSR envelope.
Clip Launcher
An Ableton Live clip launcher that uses Python scripts.
D-Blue Glitch Controller.
A well designed Glitch Controller that includes an Ableton Live Set.
Endless Faders v2
A set of endless faders.
FM8 Controller.
A controller for Native Instruments FM8.
Induction Loop
A very advanced step sequencer with great control.
Live API Template 2
A template for Windows that enables the use of the Ableton Live API on Lemur.
Live Clip Manipulator
A nice template to browse through Clip View. Including an Ableton Live Set.
Max Step Sequencer
A sequencer for MAX/Msp with a crisp Lemur interface.
Molamur v2
Molar Template that uses the new lemurized version of Molar VSTi
Monemur v3
Monome 40h/128/256 emulation with a max patch.
MU Custom module loader
This is an example to show you a basic way to integrate custom modules into the Mu.
MU Loop Brace4 SH
Control the loop and pitch parameters of a clip. Works with either a fixed track and scene or the currently highlighted clip.
MU NordLead2
A MU expansion to add control of your NordLead2.
MU Scratch SH
A scratch device for Ableton Live, with a kind of turntable. Control the speed, friction, attraction, beats/revolution and bypass distance.
MU Step Sequencer
StepSeq_SH is a simple step sequencer for the Mu. You can control the Pitch, Octave, Velocity, Duration, Loop, steps, sequences, direction, interval. There is an editor to modify visible tracks.
Operator SH
Interface to control Ableton's Live 8 Operator.
The legendary game of pong for Lemur.
Problem Interface
Example of a problem, figure it out and learn.
Reason Control
MIDI Control for Thor, Malstrom, NN-XT.
Relative Knob and Fader
Ready to use relative knobs and faders designed for Live.
Scripting 101
Introduction to scripting: Hiding and resetting objects.
Synch Step Mutant
7 step synch with mesure change.
Text Tricks
Showcasing tricks to name objects. Lemur 1.6 only.
Traktor 4 FX Control
4 Deck Control over FX.
Traktor 4 Decks sync 2 FX
Setup for Traktor Pro/ 4 Decks / Sync / 2 FX / Loops / Cue.
2 Deck Traktor + 4 FX
Traktor Pro + 4 FX Units
6x9 Ableton MIDI Template
6x9 clip launcher + MCU faders and lots of fx control.
6x12 Ableton MIDI Template
An ableton live interface for trigger and recording audio and MIDI.
ABreakpoint v1
Generative MIDI sequencer based on the breakpoint object.
A harmonized note pad.
Resolume Avenue OSC Nu
Resolume Avenue OSC interface.
Native Instruments B4 II
A controller for NI B4 II
Beta 2 (Circle) ADSR
A little example showing how to store state of 5 envelopes.
Enchanted Piano
A modernist piano roll.
Total control of Ableton Live from your Lemur.
Eso Wave Legacy
Sequencer using a waveform driven breakpoint object for the Legacy Lemur..
Experimental Max Groovebox
Experimental bouncing groovebox Max/MSP patch.
Final Live
A live performance space.
FourTrack Live Set
A compact four tracks interface for Live with effects. Including an Ableton Live Set.
The sunshine funk dj remote
A dj remote for live.
Harmonic Table v2
Second version of the Harmonic Table.
Lemur DJ Template
Simple lemur DJ template. with an Ableton Live Set.
M4L Lemur Plugin Controller
A basic fader, ring and ball controller with physics assignable through M4L.
Live Template
An Ableton Live DJ Template.
Live Clip Manipulator
The original Live Clip Manipulator without the MIDI mod.
Macro Modulator v1
Max & Lemur combo to control Ableton Live.
MCU Faders
Mackie emulation for Ableton Live.
MIDI cutoff and resonance modulation.
MCU Emulation
Full Mackie MCU Emulation.
Mix your tune
Interface that mixes with live.
Monomat v2
Stepsequencer in Max/MSP. Includes the patch.
Monophonic step sequencer.
Mp Polylite
Live editor for the MFB Polylite snthesizer.
Nuendo Control
Basic Nuendo transport control.
Operator Ableton Live 8
Interface to control Operator in Ableton Live 8. Including an Ableton Live Set.
Pro 53
Controller for Native Instruments Pro-53.
Ripple Sequencer
Ripples on a grid trigger notes and other ripples.
RME total mix
Take control of any RME soundsystem with Totalmix for Lemur.
Mother of synthesis
A sequenced skrewell.
Serato v3
Controls for Serato ScratchLive.
Step Seq for Evolver
Evolver StepSequencer.
Step Seq v2
Stepseq with keyboards input.
Team banzai lemur dj v6
A Complete DJ Set and Lemur interface to get people started easily.
Tonvib Live
A performance space in ableton live including a keyboard and a controlsurface for the Synth1.
Traktor 4 deck External Mixer
Traktor 4-Deck, Adv FX & External Mixe.
Traktor Pro by Dj rekodo
Scratch Pro Project for use with or without Timecode.
Traktor Pro Control v1
Fully featured controller for NI Traktor Pro.
VJ Modul 8 revision 4
Latest revision of Axel's famed M8-VJ template.
U-he ACE
Mackie for Cubase (iPad) V1
Implements a Mackie controller for Cubase on the iPad
Singular Messages
How to send and receive single units in arrays
GrandVJ template
mixer mode
Implements a Mackie controller for Cubase on the iPhone/iPod Touch
bbcb - breakpoint
bbcb - holyballz
holyballz mod for ipod/iphone
Rotary Encoder
A simple rotary encoder.
Sonic Charge uTonic Controller
Sonic Charge microTonic midi controller
Traktor 4fx total control Or3x
Traktor 4fx total control
PopVJ-Modul8 Main Interface
Main Interface for controlling Modul8
FXpansion Tremor Controller
Controller for Tremor Drum Machine
Cubase C121 + Quick Controls
Selected channel control + Key commands
JoMoX XBase 09 Controller
Hardware control
Drone It Yourself
a drone manipulator instrument
Lemurised Livid CODE
Cubase Live
Cubase "selected channel" controller
Controller for Elektron Machinedrum
A Shruthi-1
Controler for the Shruthi-1
Logic ES P Soft Synth
DSI Tetra Editor v1.0
Touch interface for the DSI Tetra
Phatty Control for Ipad
Moog Little Phatty/Slim Phatty control interface
Djay Controller
(updated)This is a full controller, completely mapped and ready to use with djay.
Mbase 11
Jomox MBase 11 editor
MBrane 1_1
Jomox MBrane 1_1 editor
Prodyssey (Use Audio Plugiator)
Two interfaces for Prodyssey
Eventide Pitchfactor - iPad
Basic Template for Pitchfactor
Electrix Filter Factory
Template for Electrix Filter Factory
plugaudio midi
basic midi CC controler
live looping with audio, drums, and synths
Mopho Synthesizer Series Control
ableton controller
Harness NRPN control for your device.
Live MXL 1.3
Ableton Live Dj Midi Controller
Mixport for Reason
Full bidirectional control for Reason's Mixer & Transport.
FX controller for Traktor
Sample Rekorder
Sample Deck + Loop Recorder controller for Traktor
Minimoog Voyager Controller
Voyager KB & RME control
Waldorf Pulse Synthesizer Control
Korg microKorg
Template for Korg microKorg
CMtec StudioONE v1.1
StudioONE control interface
Cubase and RME Totalmix
a three panel template to control Cubase
Monolake Granulator
Monolake Granulator Controll with 2 pages and all parameters settinger
Template for Camel Audio's Camelphat
SCi Six-Trak
editor for the sequential circuits six-track
Note generator and keyboard with randomizers
Waldorf Blofeld DT
This is for Blofeld. Updated: ARP page!
Logic iPhone Mackie Control
Logic MCU for iPhone
Traktor +
Traktor mixer + effects + BPM control
Dr. Rex Lemur, Ph.D.
Built for Reason 4.0
Travelizer Controller - 5 Multiball - 8 Memories - Pads...
Fader as Pads
Example on making pads act as a fader
LV7000 Advanced Lemurverb
Built for Reason 4.0
Korg Radias
SysEx Editor
Traktor Deck A & B
2xipads and traktor
Built for Reason 4.0
Basic Ableton Mixer
A Dub-centric Mixer
Single FX Units
Traktor Pro 2 FX Units
Sonic Charge uTonic update/remake version 1.5
Changed layout and some additional stuff
Mashy for Traktor
2 Page Traktor controller. Remix Decks control & easy FX, Looping & Mashing!
Oberheim Matrix (1000)
Template for the Oberheim Matrix
Scripting Tutorial
Introduction to scripting
0I "Lemurized FL Granulizer V.1.0.1" by Balog
Control over 4 FL Granulizer, Filter, Reverb and Delay to create Soundscapes.
Serato Scratch Live
by morgenroethe
Forevernow Traktor F1 - Lemur emulator
Traktor F1 emulator with full 64 slot playback
Korg DW8000
Control Template for DW8000
Remix! with the Lemur
Control Traktor 2.5 Remix Decks without an F1
2 Deck controller
Traktor controller
AIR Controller
Ableton Instrument Rack Controller
Roland MKS-80 Editor
Roland MKS-80 Editor
controller for Kflux
controller for Kfluxin
template for use vdmx
template for grandvj 1.5
Arturia LeMiniV
Front Panel for Arturia Minimoog V Original
Arturia LeMiniV - Full
Template controller for Arturia Minimoog V 2.5
Organized Trio V3
Template for free B3 VST Organized Trio
Multislider value inversion
AB TOOLS 01 [Main Display]
Display parameter names, help text and parameter value.
Enhanced and Lemurized template for Voltkitchen's MiniMogueVA free VST
Ableton Analog
Interface for Ableton's Analog Synthesizer Device
Modulus is a completely custom assignable template
MultiPage_MultiTarget template for the iPhone
Roland alpha Juno
PG300 emulator
Virus Ti
Virus Ti Controller
A detailed copy of the Synth1 user interface with slight modifications. Made for use with the excellent free VST Synth1
Malstrom Control
Control for Reason Malstrom
Travelizer MOD 1.0
Traktor Tavelizer with Memory
Korg Polysix VST/AU
Controller for Polysix
Eq, Gain, Autofilter
Elektron Octatrack
Performance Template for Octatrack
Template for Octatrack
ABreakpoint X 3 with Color Pref
3 ABreakpoint in 1 template
Voicelive Touch
Moog Phatty / Minitaur / MF-104M / MF-108M Editor
Full editor for Slim/Little Phatty, Minitaur, MIDI Delay and Cluster Flux
Ableton Clip Launcher
An adjustable up to 8x8 clip launcher
Korg Wavestation SR SysEx
SysEx mappings
Assignable HighRes Controllers
wavilox modul8
Layout for Modul8
Colored text labels
How to set the color of text
FAW Circle
Osc Controller for circle
Kaoss Pad
XY Pad Midi
Doepfer MAQ 16/3
Editor for the MAQ 16/3 Sequencer
Akai MPD24 Interface
Akai MPD24 UI
Lemur S2
mimics traktor S2
Lemur fighter
mimics midi fighter
Control Tempo And TempoFine of Ableton Live
Rob Papen's Predator Lemur
Full control setup for Rob Papen's Predator plug-in
Rob Papen's BLUE Lemur
Full controls mapped out for Rob Papen's Blue plug-in
TB 303
TB 303 Controller
Traktor 26 Ultimate
Traktor Control.
DJ EQ module
A simple interface for DJ styled EQs
Use controls to overcome button and menu size limitations
Chroma and Gris-Gris
Control surface for monosequencer
43 (Update1)
Advanced FX Controller for Traktor 2.6.x
Lemur 4.0 Factory Content
Default Templates
Linear Knob with tap reset
A knob that resets to defined default value when tapped
PopVJ-2013-Modul8 Interface
Main control interface
Sonar LeMackie v2
Mackie emulation + ACT controller for Sonar
Fostex DCM100
Fostex DCM100 Control Surface
Live 9 Transport
Transport section for Live 9
Numerology Mononote OSC
OSC template for Numerology Pro 3 Mononote Sequencer
Traktor 26 V2
Traktor Control.
midi controller for waldorf microQ
DJ Matthew Star's CDJ Companion Template
Perfect Companion To CDJs In HID Mode
Ipad Style ASCII (Windows) Keyboard
Alphanumeric ASCII Keyboard in iPad format
Numerology DrumSeq OSC
Template for Numerology DrumSeq
Tap Tempo Button
A simple BPM counter that operates within lemur.
Serato Scratch Live SL3 Stack Mode
Track/Loop Control for 3 Decks in Stack Mode
Speedy Line Checker
Send Tone To Audio Outs
Expert Sleepers Sw Plugins 1 Lemur Template
Template for Expert Sleepers Sw Lfo, Step Lfo, Quantizer, Clock
Elektron A4 Scene Mixer
Performance scene controller
Viking VK-1
Reason 6.5, Blamsoft Viking RE
Ableton Breakpoint Auto Filter Control
Select Filter Type, Control Freq and Reso
Ableton DJ Mixer
4 channel 3 EQ 2 Filter Mixer for Ableton Live
Advanced Keys v2.6
Support Velocity & Aftertouch
Tutorial - Storing Values
Storing Values Workshop
Faders and buttons for Cubase
Faders and buttons for Cubase
Traktor DJ Tool
Handy tool to control different parts of traktor pro
FPS tracker
Tracks and displays the current FPS, as well as efficiency
Aalto Lemur Interface
Controller for Aalto
A Lemur template built to experiment with scales, chords and chord progressions
Kemper Profiling Amp Control
Instant Haus template (max for live device)
full control on instant haus by AlexxKid (Max for live device)
Deckadance 2 Template
Control Surface for DD 2
μTonic interface
a template for SonicCharge μTonic
NI Monark
Midi version
Official RME TotalMix
TotalMix Control Surface
iPhone Loops for Worship
Use it with Ableton live for live performances
NI Monark
Template for the NI Monark synth
NI Massive
Template for NI Massive for ipad
dBlue Glitch
iPad Glitch Control
ReQ-131 RE
Template for LabOne Recordings Graphic EQ Rack Extension for Reason 6.5+
Effectrix 14 FX
Midi mappable faders and mappable XY pads
Multiball Orbiter
Midi mappable LFO based on Multiball position
Planetary Orbiter
An additive orbiter for making more detailed LFO shapes
Scroll between 7 different pages
MONARK control by tr1ptron1c
controller for N.I. Monark
mTonic Lemurized v2
Full hands on control on SonicCharge mTonic
Tempalte for D-16 Phoscyon
Waldorf MicrQ Midi & SysEx
Midi & SysEx control
Eventide Controller
Contol your Eventide HW Effect Unit
Miniak Editor 1.0
Editor for Akai Miniak
16ch mixer
heavy 16ch mixer
CC Values for Radio Switches
Same CC#, different value for each cell
Newscool Kimod
Newscool + Polyrhythmic Seq
Controller for Reaper
Traktor Krautkontrol
Full Traktor FX Kontrolle
mssiah 303 panel for commodore 64
Kontakt Instrument Bank
Program Change
Arturia Jupiter-8V
Arturia Jupiter 8, jupiter-8v
mssiah drummer
total controm of mssiah drummer for c64
jomox airbase 99
programmer for jomox airbase 99
Resolume Lemur
emur project for controlling various effects and main controls in Resolume
Moog Minitaur Controller
David Lopez de Arenosa
Ableton Live Looper 8 banks
Cubase Template
Rheyne v6
Template used in Live Jams #80-89 (no ALS included)
Traktor Map-Tastic!
4 Deck Mixing - XY FX Controller - Remix Deck Control
4 Deck Traktor Maptastic v2
4 Deck Traktor Mapping with XY fx and Remix Deck fun.
Roland Alpha Juno + Patch Bank Selector
control alpha juno and patches
Ableton Live Mixer Controller
Reason Subtractor
Analogue Subtractor in your hands
Loopy and Turnado Template
Chord Generator/Performer
Lemur template for accessing Gridlock
Sequencer for Turnado
Tap Seq
A weird, manual sequencer
Yamaha TX81Z FM Tone Generator
Voice programmer for the TX81Z
iOSXL v 0.11
MIDI control layer for JJOSXL
Mackie Control C4 emulation for Sonar
Sonar template based on Mackie Control C4 protocol
Eventide stompboxes
Save and recall within Lemur
Line6 M9 Controller
Moog Sub Phatty Editor
Edit "hidden features" & randomize panel parameters
Resolume Arena4 Template
by Dimitri Engelhardt
iVCS3 Lemurized
a template to control and modulate iVCS3 synth app
Mopho Synthesizer Series Control
canvas Fader Vertical
a fader made with canvas
C Fader Relative vertical
a canvas fader with relative motion
Yamaha DX7, TX7, TX816, TX216 patch editor
Live Knobs
Linear knobs with famous looks
Self recording Knobs
CCequencer v2
Sequencing of MIDI CC
Flappy Lemur!
a Flappy Bird clone made in Lemur
Strymon BigSky - iPhone
Full MIDI control of BigSky Reverb from an iPhone
Lumikit Show DMX
Ronaldo Rocha
Classic Brick game
Steinberg Padshop Pro
Padshop Pro Controller
NDread's Logic Muti-Tool Workflow
Basic workflow enhancement tool for Logic 9
Shruthi-1 Editor
Unleash the power of Shruthi!
PG800 MKS-70 v2
Roland MKS-70 patch and tone editor.
Jomox Airbase99 Template
The Fields
Ableton + Maschine Template with adaptive tabs
Conways game of life sequencer
Traktor's 12 Confined
Controller for T12
Arturia ProphetV
Quick programming template
Ableton Mixer/Sends/FX
Lots of Ableton Mixer Bits
Battery Display
Displays a resizable device battery state
Sylenth Control
Control Lennar Digital Sylenth
Chord Pads
Pad controller for playing select chords in any key signature
Abletribe Rhythm Composer
16+1 Track Rhythm Composer
Pitchbend Manipulator
16 Channel Pitchbend Manipulator
Korg Volca Bass Ctrl
Korg Volca Bass
Mono Sequencer (m4l) 1.1
A lemur layout for the max4live Mono Sequencer
Strymon BigSky Editor IPad
Strymon BigSky Editor for IPad
Chicago Hous Mod
Controller for M4L Drum Sequencer
Lemur4Bitwig .1 UP
Controller Script + Lemur Template
Tomb Live 2.3
Multi Sampler / Multi Sequencer for Live play
ArpP 1.3
Arpeggiator and beyond with Max for Live
Grain Hand 2.1
Granulator using Max. Shows waveform on Lemur! OSC setup for ya
Lemur 5 Factory Content
Factory Content Projects
16 Mapper Live OSC
Map anything in Ableton
Metaphysical Function Lemur OSC 1.1
An OSC MF layout with visual feedback
StepSlider Presets
How to store and retrieve presets
Roland MKS-7 editor
Fully-featured editor/programmer for Roland's MKS-7 module (Juno 106 rack)
The Padma 1.2
An m4l OSC interface for hammered and plucked string instruments
^^Object Attribute Help
Demo Object Attribute Lister
Bass Station II Patch Editor
Patch editor with full parameter editing, randomise functions
NoisR ControL (IPad)
Template for NoisR M4L
fingArp 1.1
improvisational Arpeggiator: M4l OSC
Lexicon MX400
Editor for the Lexicon MX400 reverb
DEEP TIME Control 1.1
VSTI Step Sequencer Control (Doepfer Dark Time)
Cubase 7 Solo/Listen button
Cubase 7 Solo/Listen button
36 CH OSC Controller for MOTU AVB Line
Waldorf Rack Attack
Almost full control of this beast
amBe 1.2
multi-looper connected to m4l via OSC
metapad lite
a gesture-based DAW controller
Hive Template
Work in progress
Work in progress - needs help
little template to explore twisted-tools free reaktor ensemble buffeater-lite
Elektron RYTM buddy
Simple performance controller
form 1.0
polyphonic lemur/m4l sampler
Canvas Lemur Logo
A resizeable Lemur logo
benwa analog rytm elektron
analog rytm remote and mixer
Soundtracs Solo MIDI Muting Control
MIDI Muting Control for the Soundtracs Solo mixing console
seQ 1.0
m4l OSC connected sequencer for parameters or notes
seq[live] 1.0
a workspace for 8 sequencers m4l OSC connected
Roland RSS-10
Editor/Controller for the RSS-10
fast workflow
amBe ||
multi-looper_ maxforlive&lemur_OSC
Redrum inspired drum sequencer
A simple, but flexible KP3+ inspired template
RGB/HSV color tool
Handy tool displays HSV and RGB values
Template for Ubermod
Melodic Step Sequencer
Lemur template for Mixxx
Canvas Sample Interface
ALL 4FX on two pages
iota 1.2
spectrogram granulator _ lemur+m4l
Elektron A4 Template
A4 Controller
Traktor Track Prepare Power
Gridding of tracks made fast and easy
Waldorf pulse2 v2.0
Interface for Waldorf pulse2 synth
Pioneer DDJ-SX2
Ronaldo Rocha
Power Gridding 2.0
basicly the same as 1a except added some buttons
Granulator II Control
Granulator II Control
AVmixer Pro
AVmixer Pro, a DJ style video mixer with real-time effects
NI Traktor Lemur 1 by morgenroethe
(quite similar functional like a X1)
OTC Octatrack controller
Control the Elektron sampler
PreenFM2 Editor
Bi-Directional editor for PreenFM2 DIY synth
Ableton Operator
Lemur Controller
Leap epically through triadic space like Schubert
Kontakt instrument selektor
Solar Lemur v1.0
Canvas Planet Interface
Reface DX
Editor for Yamaha Reface DX
circuit 1.0
max+lemur textural audio effect. OSC connected
Reface DX Patch Editor
Editor for Reface DX
Gabriele Pellegrini
Roland AIRA TB-3+XY Scatter and control CC Bypass EFX
Simply NI Battery Record
Simply interface for fast clip recordings
Hybrid Omnichord Controller
Omnichord midi controller
recording objects (1.0)
Basic objects in which you can recording custom automations
ZeroKuro's ClipLauncher NOMU
Not Uses MU!!!!!!
ETC EOS Remote
Remote for ETC EOS Lighting Controllers
Bitwig Play
A template for playing Bitwig on the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus
Hexapad Microtonal
Microtonal Hexagonal Key Array
Chord progression player for foot controllers
16 Step Drum Sequencer
Drum Sequencer for anything
ListBox module
Filtatron meets Lemur
Expert Sleepers FH-1 Controller
Fader and Morph controller
Logelloop basic
Access every basic functions in Logelloop
Eric ross
Ergonomic drum pads
L'Pad Pro
L'Pad Pro
Yamaha TX81Z Single
Single page TX81Z editor. Includes preset reloading
The Green EFX Maschine
Efx controller traktor
Forevernow Nord A1/A1R multicontrol
Simultantiously control 4 voice slots of the Nord A1
ReaperControl 2.2
OSC controller for Reaper
Novation Circuit Controls
Acces all synth and fx parameters on Novation Circuit
Control & Patch u-He Bazille
Configurable MultiBall for iPad
Nord Lead 2x
Nord Lead 2x Bi-Directional Patch Settings
Novation Drumstation Editor
Novation Drumstation Editor
Stronger 2008 Daft punk Kanye West
d'ont open with jazzmutant
Arturia Solina V
Editor/Controller for Arturia Solina V
Technocity controller
AtoV Project Technocity step sequencer controller
Template for User Library Template "cords"
Lumen midi remote
Midi remote for the VJ software Lumen
jomox membrane controller
Traktor Control for iPhone
Dual XYs for FH-1
Dual XY pads to control Expert Sleepers FH-1
Dual Phased LFOs for FH-1
Two FH-1 LFOs with ability to shift phase of 4 sub-LFOs each
cheetah MS6 controller
only works with upgraded OS
Controller & Editor for JoMoX M.Brane 1_1
Make Noise 0-Coast editor
Current template for my studio (no ALS)
MeltedSounds Whoosh
Alesis Micron editor
Editor for Micron Alesis with dump request to update the editor.
Novation Circuit Editor
Unique Fully featured Editor for iPhone
7 Band EQ
All Custom designed Sleek Template
Patch editor for AxeFx(tm)
Maschine controller
A pad and keyboard controller for maschine
Elektron Monomachine Randomizer
Elektron Monomachine Randomizer
Updated, bugfixed and tested tabbed adaptation of Ciaran Byrnes JomoX Airbase 99 Panel.
Pioneer Dj Toraiz AS 1 (beta)
beta template for Toraiz as 1
Polyplex polyrythmic sequencer
A tool to make polyrhythmic drum patterns designed for NI Polyplex
Korg Minilogue
interface for the korg minilogue
Modor NF-1(m) Controller
A patch and performance editor for the Modor NF-1 and NF-1m (w/ full bi-directional control)
Premium Fader
GUI - Fader element
Resolume Clip Control
Quick access to clip parameters
Premium button - concept one
GUI - Button element
MicroMonsta AudioThingies
Patch buffer editor (from Dump)
Roland Cloud Jupiter-8 NRPN Controller
Bidirectional Roland Cloud Jupiter-8 NRPN Controller
Roland Cloud System-1 NRPN Controller
Bidirectional Roland Cloud System-1 NRPN Controller
Roland SE-02 editor
to edit, transpose, play SE-02
Arturia DX7v
editor for DX7v plugin
Arturia ARP2600
editor for ARP2600 plugin
Kaossilator style midi controller
XY pad that sends notes
Mixbus (alpha)
for Harrison Mixbus and Mixbus32c
EpZ's Traktor 4 decks mixer
Controller for traktor 4 decks plus fx units.
JdiKoder VCM600 10-channel
ohmicide remote
control surface for the ohmicide vst plugin
Midi controller
U-he Diva midi template
Full serum template
Spire VST
Full Spire VST template
Sylenth full template
Arturia Buchla Easel V
Make the Easel hands-on playable
Spitfire UACC and KeySwitcher
Articulation Template
DSI MOPHO meets AKAI MidiMix
Hardware Controller Expansion
PNG Image in Lemur
A generic interface for the lighting software D-PRO
DSI Tetra (Mopho) Knob Assign Editor
Edit Dave Smith DSI Sequential Tetra Mopho using the Assignable Parameter Knobs
monoSequencer on steroids
VDMX - 2 Channel Video Mixer
Simple controls for mixing two video channels in VDMX.
Advanced Keys v3
Midi keys with velocity and aftertouch support
UA MIDI Control
MCU Template for UAD Console
windcontroller motion
add motion control


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