User Library

Four track step sequencer
A minimalist four track step sequencer
Ableton Live Morph EQ
A morpher for Abletons EQ8
Arp Odyssey
a controller for gmedia's The Oddity
Battery editor and controller
Battery editor and controller
Trigger notes from bouncing balls
Breakpoint Modulator
A basic tool to modulate parameters.
A multiball object which outputs notes and has advanced pitch and physics controlls.
A basic transport control.
Midi keyboard with advanced controls.
MIDI Clock Leds
An array of LEDs that display incoming MIDI clock messages.
Edirol v4
A template to control Roland's Edirol v4 video mixer.
Edit Pads
A basic set of number pads.
Endless Faders v1
First version of the Endless Faders.
Four Track Mix v2
A four track mixer to use with any DAW.
Full Scale MIDI Keyboard.
A full scale MIDI keyboard with advanced controlls.
Harmonic Table
A fully harmonized scale player with advanced controls
Hybrid API Manipulator
A navigation tool based on Ableton's Live API.
Increment Decrement
A small module to increase or decrease values.
An insert manager for the YamahaDM1000 consoles..
Interpolator of Death
Interpolate between eight sets of MIDI CC values.
KaossPad 3 Controller
Advanced patch to control KaossPad.
Lagging Fader with speed control
Levels and Volume meters
A template showcasing Levels and Volume meters.
Live Beat Repeat
A Beat Repeat controller for Ableton Live.
Logic Surround Panner
A Surround Panner for Logic Pro.
Multiball Looper with reverse function and loopmarkers.
M4L Beat Repeat
A module to control Ableton Live's BeatRepeat with MaxForLive.
M4L Buffer Shuffler
A module to control Ableton Live's BufferShuffler with MaxForLive.
M4L Device Controller
Controls the currently selected device on track. Requires MaxForLive
Master Keyboard
A basic MIDI Keyboard.
MIDI Program Changer
A basic module to change MIDI programs.
Modumat 16 Step
Stepmodulation of Control Change data
Multiball Looper 2
Multiball with record, play and loop buttons.
Non Linear Fader
A Fader with a user configurable curve.
Pan Monitor
Visual representation of your pans.
Pausable Counter
A simple counter.
Power Seq
A 4-track sequencer with velocity and individual pitch control
Organize you controls like an Fx rack.
Recordable Fader
A fader which can be recorded.
Resettable Counter
A basic resettable counter.
Resizable Multislider Abstraction
Dynamically change the number of sliders in a MultiSlider.
RingArea Behaviors
The user can select between three modes of operation for the RingArea..
Scale Keyboard
A Keyboard with degree, octave and scale.
Scale dependend Midi keyboard with advanced controls.
Sequencomat V3 lite
Midi Step Sequencer in Max/MSP
Synchronized modular step sequencer.
Tap Tempo
Tap tempo for Lemur.
Velo Board
Midi keyboard with bass & treble section.
Singular Messages
How to send and receive single units in arrays
Dual Filter Balls
XY controller for 2 filters
bbcb - bouncer
bouncer mod for iphone
Tracktor 2 Sample Kontrol
Sample Deck controler for tracktor 2
Microwave I
Waldorf Microwave I editor
Strymon Timeline Pedal
Strymon Timeline v1
Kawai K3/K3m Programmer
Sysex-Programmer for Kawai K3/K3m
Mu - Amp
Mu Amp Device Controller
Monemur v3 - iPhone
Monome 8x8
fader larbaudio coleccion
news faders¡¡¡
MIDI Step Sequencer
Step sequencer powered entirely by Lemur scripts
Improved Bouncer
Trigger notes from bouncing balls
Mixer with 16Channel + 4 Send/Return
Sequencomat V1
8 track 16 step midi sequencer in max/msp
MIDI CC Sequencer
A step sequencer for MIDI CC values
Travelizer Controller - 5 Multiball - 8 Memories - Pads...
Send Values
A button that will send all x/y values
Mu- Cabinet
A Mu interface for Ableton's Cabinet effect.
Mu- SupaTrigga AU
A Mu interface for the classic SupaTrigga Audio Unit effect.
Mu- Reverb
A Mu interface for Ableton's Reverb effect.
Route n Range
takes incoming MidiControlChange message from external gear, display it on the Lemur, range it, and send it out to another Midi destination
MU : Reverb SH - LEGACY
Modified Version of MU-REVERB by JOSHUA DOANE made for the iPad Lemur app that I adapted for Legacy users
Forevernow Traktor F1 - Lemur emulator
Traktor F1 emulator with full 64 slot playback
AIR Controller
Ableton Instrument Rack Controller
Scripting Mute Buttons
How to create re-usable mute buttons
AB TOOLS 01 [Main Display]
Display parameter names, help text and parameter value.
Virus Ti
Virus Ti Controller
Voicelive Touch
Relative Endless Knob
Relative endless Knob example
Rob Papen's Blade LEMUR
All Controls mapped for Rob Papen Blade on Lemur
Control Tempo And TempoFine of Ableton Live
Sylenth1 Sound Design
Sylenth1 Sound Design Controller
SL Tap Tempo
Tap to set tempo
TB 303
TB 303 Controller
SL Stats
Collection of Statistics Functions
A different 2D Modulator
SL Battery Warning
Display a warning when battery level low
DJ EQ module
A simple interface for DJ styled EQs
SL Vector
Module containing useful vector functions
Live 9 Transport
Transport section for Live 9
OP-1 Modulation Suite
Endless Rotary Encoder with acceleration
This is a simple module which gives you an endless encoder
Ipad Style ASCII (Windows) Keyboard
Alphanumeric ASCII Keyboard in iPad format
Tap Tempo Button
A simple BPM counter that operates within lemur.
Ableton Breakpoint Auto Filter Control
Select Filter Type, Control Freq and Reso
Advanced Keys v2.6
Support Velocity & Aftertouch
Djay-Style Crossfader
FPS tracker
Tracks and displays the current FPS, as well as efficiency
Mu - Glue
Mu Glue Compressor Device Controller
μTonic interface
a template for SonicCharge μTonic
Scroll between 7 different pages
2D Granular bouncer
very simple level meter
1ch mixer unit
Fader with LED Feedback
AlphaTrack Module
AlphaTrack + Meters
Ableton Sampler
A control surface Ableton Live's Sampler
Alphakanal Automat
Control surface for Alphakanal's synth Automat
Scalomat 2013
Scale dependent MIDI-keyboard
waldorf micro Q + SysEx
single and multi patch control
Serge Defoi
Controle Module8
Shruthi Commander
GUI for controlling the Shruthi synth
C Fader Relative vertical
a canvas fader with relative motion
Live Knobs
Linear knobs with famous looks
Self recording Knobs
Inspired by Maschine
Variations on the HexiPads theme
a canvas color picker
crop module
a crop (or 4 variable) picker
Juno-60 controller for Lemur
MeeBlip SE Editor
Basic editor for the MeeBlip SE synth
Drum Sequencer
Drum Sequencer Inspired by Push
Lemur 5 Factory Content
Factory Content Projects
Object Attribute Lister
Auto Moving Endless knob
Title says it all, with a few extras
Dexter Style Surround Panning Module
Dexter Style EQ Module
Simple Sequencer 1.1
half to 4 bars sequencer with 16 memory
Pocket Miku (Nsx-39) controller
Play Pocket Miku from iPad
Classic Drum Machinex16
16 Step Drum Sequencer
Champagne Horizon's Hotcue drummer mapping v2.0
Large touch-screen buttons for 8 cues/deck and more convenient control
Akai MPD32
MPD32 inspired template
a canvas for starting a user interface
Roll a ball smoothly across your iPad screen
Double Fader
Volume and Filter Fader in a small unit.
Lemur Controller
Roland JX-10/MKS-70 Control Surface
A control surface for the JX-10/MKS-70
Double Tap
Double tap example
Gabriele Pellegrini
Roland AIRA TB-3+XY Scatter and control CC Bypass EFX
Motif Rack ES ME
Motif Rack ES Multi Editor
VPG 300
Controller for Roland Alpha Juno 2
Champagne Horizon v.3
hot cue drumming, freeze-mode looping control
An smart harp interface for iPad
ListBox module
Cubase Time Display
Display time in Measure and beats
Pitchbend on x-axis, CC on y-axis
Roundtrip MIDI Latency Checker
3 Blinking Pads
Pads that blink
Basic Zone Control
Setup and control a single zone on a MIDI keyboard
Lemur Canvas GUI
First Graphical User Interface dedicated to Lemur's canvas object
ROLAND SRX01 XV2020 Drums
Rhythm Selector
Voice Rotator
Distributes polyphonic notes across MIDI channels
Jey C
Pad pioneer sp1
Premium knob
GUI - Knob element
snap back to previous value
Oddity 2 Editor
Oddity 2 Editor with mod matrix
Nord Drum 2 Editor
Lemur editor for nord drum 2
Nord Drum 3p editor
Simple sound editor for Nord Drum 3p
ASCII Keyboard
Keyboard to change the text field of an object
go Button
Simple go button with features
Aux and Fader control for Ableton Live
Fader and aux control with pitch control and reverse function
YAMAHA MX49 MX61 MX88 Mini Performance Editor
Change Yamaha MX series Midi Channel, note range, velocity range using iPhone
VDMX - 2 Channel Video Mixer
Simple controls for mixing two video channels in VDMX.
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