User Library

1- Modul8 ROADIE T.V.
modul8 vj set up
2-Modul8 ROADIE T.V. vj set up
new modul8 vj set up ,Santiago ,Chile
PopVJ-Modul8 Main Interface
Main Interface for controlling Modul8
MIDI Step Sequencer
Step sequencer powered entirely by Lemur scripts
MIDI CC Sequencer
A step sequencer for MIDI CC values
Fader as Pads
Example on making pads act as a fader
Multislider value inversion
wavilox modul8
Layout for Modul8
A different 2D Modulator
PopVJ-2013-Modul8 Interface
Main control interface
Serge Defoi
Controle Module8
Roll a ball smoothly across your iPad screen
Leap epically through triadic space like Schubert
16 Step Drum Sequencer
Drum Sequencer for anything


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