User Library

Controller for Elektron Machinedrum
CMtec StudioONE v1.1
StudioONE control interface
Monemur v3 - iPhone
Monome 8x8
Ambivalent Beats
Straightforward performance drum machine for Ableton Live
Dr. Rex Lemur, Ph.D.
Built for Reason 4.0
Loopy and Turnado Template
Abletribe Rhythm Composer
16+1 Track Rhythm Composer
Lemur4Bitwig .1 UP
Controller Script + Lemur Template
Lemur 5 Factory Content
Factory Content Projects
Akai MPD32
MPD32 inspired template
Simply NI Battery Record
Simply interface for fast clip recordings
Eric ross
Ergonomic drum pads
Maschine controller
A pad and keyboard controller for maschine
Polyplex polyrythmic sequencer
A tool to make polyrhythmic drum patterns designed for NI Polyplex


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