User Library

MIDI Clock Leds
An array of LEDs that display incoming MIDI clock messages.
Implements a Mackie controller for Cubase on the iPhone/iPod Touch
bbcb - breakpoint
bbcb - holyballz
holyballz mod for ipod/iphone
bbcb - bouncer
bouncer mod for iphone
Monemur v3 - iPhone
Monome 8x8
Logic iPhone Mackie Control
Logic MCU for iPhone
MultiPage_MultiTarget template for the iPhone
Colored text labels
How to set the color of text
Relative Endless Knob
Relative endless Knob example
Lemur 4.0 Factory Content
Default Templates
Live 9 Transport
Transport section for Live 9
Sinapsya Esowave for iPhone 5
Thanks to creator Hatkins
Endless Rotary Encoder with acceleration
This is a simple module which gives you an endless encoder
Tap Tempo Button
A simple BPM counter that operates within lemur.
Ableton Breakpoint Auto Filter Control
Select Filter Type, Control Freq and Reso
Djay-Style Crossfader
FPS tracker
Tracks and displays the current FPS, as well as efficiency
iPhone Loops for Worship
Use it with Ableton live for live performances
Self recording Knobs
Strymon BigSky - iPhone
Full MIDI control of BigSky Reverb from an iPhone
a canvas color picker
crop module
a crop (or 4 variable) picker
Mono Sequencer (m4l) 1.1
A lemur layout for the max4live Mono Sequencer
Lemur 5 Factory Content
Factory Content Projects
fingArp 1.1
improvisational Arpeggiator: M4l OSC
DjMixIphone TraktorLSI
Simple Iphone 5 Controller for Traktor Dj
Traktor Track Prepare Power
Gridding of tracks made fast and easy
a canvas for starting a user interface
Double Tap
Double tap example
Gabriele Pellegrini
Roland AIRA TB-3+XY Scatter and control CC Bypass EFX
Gabriele Pellegrini
Roland AIRA TB-3+XY Scatter and control CC Bypass EFX
recording objects (1.0)
Basic objects in which you can recording custom automations
Bitwig Play
A template for playing Bitwig on the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus
Traktor Control for iPhone
Novation Circuit Editor
Unique Fully featured Editor for iPhone
Patch editor for AxeFx(tm)
Roundtrip MIDI Latency Checker
Roland XV2020
Program Selector
ROLAND SRX01 XV2020 Drums
Rhythm Selector
Voice Rotator
Distributes polyphonic notes across MIDI channels
Spitfire UACC and KeySwitcher
Articulation Template
go Button
Simple go button with features
YAMAHA MX49 MX61 MX88 Mini Performance Editor
Change Yamaha MX series Midi Channel, note range, velocity range using iPhone
DSI Tetra (Mopho) Knob Assign Editor
Edit Dave Smith DSI Sequential Tetra Mopho using the Assignable Parameter Knobs
See the MIDI Coming into Lemur


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