User Library

4 balls
Ranged Multiball for sending pan and other control-change data
Ableton Live Morph EQ
A morpher for Abletons EQ8
Traktor 4fx total control Or3x
Traktor 4fx total control
Drone It Yourself
a drone manipulator instrument
Controller for Elektron Machinedrum
FX controller for Traktor
Mu - Amp
Mu Amp Device Controller
Monolake Granulator
Monolake Granulator Controll with 2 pages and all parameters settinger
Template for Camel Audio's Camelphat
Dr. Rex Lemur, Ph.D.
Built for Reason 4.0
LV7000 Advanced Lemurverb
Built for Reason 4.0
Mu- Cabinet
A Mu interface for Ableton's Cabinet effect.
Mu- SupaTrigga AU
A Mu interface for the classic SupaTrigga Audio Unit effect.
Mu- Reverb
A Mu interface for Ableton's Reverb effect.
MU : Reverb SH - LEGACY
Modified Version of MU-REVERB by JOSHUA DOANE made for the iPad Lemur app that I adapted for Legacy users
0I "Lemurized FL Granulizer V.1.0.1" by Balog
Control over 4 FL Granulizer, Filter, Reverb and Delay to create Soundscapes.
AIR Controller
Ableton Instrument Rack Controller
controller for Kfluxin
Virus Ti
Virus Ti Controller
Eq, Gain, Autofilter
DJ EQ module
A simple interface for DJ styled EQs
43 (Update1)
Advanced FX Controller for Traktor 2.6.x
OP-1 Modulation Suite
Ableton Breakpoint Auto Filter Control
Select Filter Type, Control Freq and Reso
Mu - Glue
Mu Glue Compressor Device Controller
Traktor Krautkontrol
Full Traktor FX Kontrolle
Sequencer for Turnado
Strymon BigSky - iPhone
Full MIDI control of BigSky Reverb from an iPhone
Turnado SugarBytes
Turnado template to make the desktop version more like the iPad one!
Lemur4Bitwig .1 UP
Controller Script + Lemur Template
Tomb Live 2.3
Multi Sampler / Multi Sequencer for Live play
Grain Hand 2.1
Granulator using Max. Shows waveform on Lemur! OSC setup for ya
Metaphysical Function Lemur OSC 1.1
An OSC MF layout with visual feedback
amBe 1.2
multi-looper connected to m4l via OSC
little template to explore twisted-tools free reaktor ensemble buffeater-lite
Roland RSS-10
Editor/Controller for the RSS-10
amBe ||
multi-looper_ maxforlive&lemur_OSC
A simple, but flexible KP3+ inspired template
iota 1.2
spectrogram granulator _ lemur+m4l
circuit 1.0
max+lemur textural audio effect. OSC connected
Bitwig Play
A template for playing Bitwig on the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus
Chord progression player for foot controllers
An smart harp interface for iPad
Filtatron meets Lemur
EpZ's Traktor 4 decks mixer
Controller for traktor 4 decks plus fx units.


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