User Library

canvas Fader Vertical
a fader made with canvas
C Fader Relative vertical
a canvas fader with relative motion
Live Knobs
Linear knobs with famous looks
Self recording Knobs
Flappy Lemur!
a Flappy Bird clone made in Lemur
Classic Brick game
Variations on the HexiPads theme
Battery Display
Displays a resizable device battery state
a canvas color picker
crop module
a crop (or 4 variable) picker
Grain Hand 2.1
Granulator using Max. Shows waveform on Lemur! OSC setup for ya
The Padma 1.2
An m4l OSC interface for hammered and plucked string instruments
amBe 1.2
multi-looper connected to m4l via OSC
Dexter Style Surround Panning Module
Dexter Style EQ Module
form 1.0
polyphonic lemur/m4l sampler
Canvas Lemur Logo
A resizeable Lemur logo
seQ 1.0
m4l OSC connected sequencer for parameters or notes
seq[live] 1.0
a workspace for 8 sequencers m4l OSC connected
amBe ||
multi-looper_ maxforlive&lemur_OSC
Canvas Sample Interface
iota 1.2
spectrogram granulator _ lemur+m4l
a canvas for starting a user interface
Leap epically through triadic space like Schubert
Solar Lemur v1.0
Canvas Planet Interface
circuit 1.0
max+lemur textural audio effect. OSC connected
Lemur Canvas GUI
First Graphical User Interface dedicated to Lemur's canvas object
Premium knob
GUI - Knob element
Premium Fader
GUI - Fader element
Premium button - concept one
GUI - Button element
go Button
Simple go button with features
PNG Image in Lemur


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