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1- Modul8 ROADIE T.V.
modul8 vj set up
2-Modul8 ROADIE T.V. vj set up
new modul8 vj set up ,Santiago ,Chile
Four Live Loopers
Basic template for 4 Live Loopers
Four track step sequencer
A minimalist four track step sequencer
Ableton Live Morph EQ
A morpher for Abletons EQ8
Arp Odyssey
a controller for gmedia's The Oddity
Battery editor and controller
Battery editor and controller
Trigger notes from bouncing balls
Lagging Fader v2
Fader2 smoothly reaches Fader1 value upon a button press
Breakpoint Modulator
A basic tool to modulate parameters.
A multiball object which outputs notes and has advanced pitch and physics controlls.
A basic transport control.
Midi keyboard with advanced controls.
D-Blue Glitch Controller.
A well designed Glitch Controller that includes an Ableton Live Set.
Edirol v4
A template to control Roland's Edirol v4 video mixer.
Endless Faders v2
A set of endless faders.
Full Scale MIDI Keyboard.
A full scale MIDI keyboard with advanced controlls.
Harmonic Table
A fully harmonized scale player with advanced controls
Increment Decrement
A small module to increase or decrease values.
An insert manager for the YamahaDM1000 consoles..
KaossPad 3 Controller
Advanced patch to control KaossPad.
Lagging Fader with speed control
Levels and Volume meters
A template showcasing Levels and Volume meters.
Live API Template 2
A template for Windows that enables the use of the Ableton Live API on Lemur.
Live Beat Repeat
A Beat Repeat controller for Ableton Live.
Live Clip Manipulator
A nice template to browse through Clip View. Including an Ableton Live Set.
Logic Surround Panner
A Surround Panner for Logic Pro.
Multiball Looper with reverse function and loopmarkers.
M4L Beat Repeat
A module to control Ableton Live's BeatRepeat with MaxForLive.
M4L Buffer Shuffler
A module to control Ableton Live's BufferShuffler with MaxForLive.
M4L Device Controller
Controls the currently selected device on track. Requires MaxForLive
Master Keyboard
A basic MIDI Keyboard.
Max Step Sequencer
A sequencer for MAX/Msp with a crisp Lemur interface.
MIDI Program Changer
A basic module to change MIDI programs.
Modumat 16 Step
Stepmodulation of Control Change data
Molamur v2
Molar Template that uses the new lemurized version of Molar VSTi
MU Loop Brace4 SH
Control the loop and pitch parameters of a clip. Works with either a fixed track and scene or the currently highlighted clip.
MU NordLead2
A MU expansion to add control of your NordLead2.
MU Scratch SH
A scratch device for Ableton Live, with a kind of turntable. Control the speed, friction, attraction, beats/revolution and bypass distance.
MU Step Sequencer
StepSeq_SH is a simple step sequencer for the Mu. You can control the Pitch, Octave, Velocity, Duration, Loop, steps, sequences, direction, interval. There is an editor to modify visible tracks.
Multiball Looper 2
Multiball with record, play and loop buttons.
Non Linear Fader
A Fader with a user configurable curve.
Operator SH
Interface to control Ableton's Live 8 Operator.
Pan Monitor
Visual representation of your pans.
Pausable Counter
A simple counter.
Power Seq
A 4-track sequencer with velocity and individual pitch control
Problem Interface
Example of a problem, figure it out and learn.
Organize you controls like an Fx rack.
Recordable Fader
A fader which can be recorded.
Relative Knob and Fader
Ready to use relative knobs and faders designed for Live.
Resettable Counter
A basic resettable counter.
Resizable Multislider Abstraction
Dynamically change the number of sliders in a MultiSlider.
RingArea Behaviors
The user can select between three modes of operation for the RingArea..
Scale Keyboard
A Keyboard with degree, octave and scale.
Scale dependend Midi keyboard with advanced controls.
Scripting 101
Introduction to scripting: Hiding and resetting objects.
Sequencomat V3 lite
Midi Step Sequencer in Max/MSP
Synchronized modular step sequencer.
Synch Step Mutant
7 step synch with mesure change.
Tap Tempo
Tap tempo for Lemur.
Text Tricks
Showcasing tricks to name objects. Lemur 1.6 only.
Traktor 4 FX Control
4 Deck Control over FX.
Traktor 4 Decks sync 2 FX
Setup for Traktor Pro/ 4 Decks / Sync / 2 FX / Loops / Cue.
Velo Board
Midi keyboard with bass & treble section.
2 Deck Traktor + 4 FX
Traktor Pro + 4 FX Units
6x9 Ableton MIDI Template
6x9 clip launcher + MCU faders and lots of fx control.
6x12 Ableton MIDI Template
An ableton live interface for trigger and recording audio and MIDI.
ABreakpoint v1
Generative MIDI sequencer based on the breakpoint object.
A harmonized note pad.
Resolume Avenue OSC Nu
Resolume Avenue OSC interface.
Native Instruments B4 II
A controller for NI B4 II
Beta 2 (Circle) ADSR
A little example showing how to store state of 5 envelopes.
Enchanted Piano
A modernist piano roll.
Eso Wave Legacy
Sequencer using a waveform driven breakpoint object for the Legacy Lemur..
Experimental Max Groovebox
Experimental bouncing groovebox Max/MSP patch.
Final Live
A live performance space.
FourTrack Live Set
A compact four tracks interface for Live with effects. Including an Ableton Live Set.
The sunshine funk dj remote
A dj remote for live.
Lemur DJ Template
Simple lemur DJ template. with an Ableton Live Set.
M4L Lemur Plugin Controller
A basic fader, ring and ball controller with physics assignable through M4L.
Live Template
An Ableton Live DJ Template.
Live Clip Manipulator
The original Live Clip Manipulator without the MIDI mod.
Macro Modulator v1
Max & Lemur combo to control Ableton Live.
MCU Faders
Mackie emulation for Ableton Live.
MIDI cutoff and resonance modulation.
MCU Emulation
Full Mackie MCU Emulation.
Mix your tune
Interface that mixes with live.
Monomat v2
Stepsequencer in Max/MSP. Includes the patch.
Monophonic step sequencer.
Mp Polylite
Live editor for the MFB Polylite snthesizer.
Nuendo Control
Basic Nuendo transport control.
Operator Ableton Live 8
Interface to control Operator in Ableton Live 8. Including an Ableton Live Set.
Pro 53
Controller for Native Instruments Pro-53.
Ripple Sequencer
Ripples on a grid trigger notes and other ripples.
RME total mix
Take control of any RME soundsystem with Totalmix for Lemur.
Mother of synthesis
A sequenced skrewell.
Serato v3
Controls for Serato ScratchLive.
Step Seq for Evolver
Evolver StepSequencer.
Step Seq v2
Stepseq with keyboards input.
Team banzai lemur dj v6
A Complete DJ Set and Lemur interface to get people started easily.
Tonvib Live
A performance space in ableton live including a keyboard and a controlsurface for the Synth1.
Traktor 4 deck External Mixer
Traktor 4-Deck, Adv FX & External Mixe.
Traktor Pro by Dj rekodo
Scratch Pro Project for use with or without Timecode.
Traktor Pro Control v1
Fully featured controller for NI Traktor Pro.
VJ Modul 8 revision 4
Latest revision of Axel's famed M8-VJ template.
Kawai K3/K3m Programmer
Sysex-Programmer for Kawai K3/K3m
Mu - Amp
Mu Amp Device Controller
Sequencomat V1
8 track 16 step midi sequencer in max/msp
Fader as Pads
Example on making pads act as a fader
Route n Range
takes incoming MidiControlChange message from external gear, display it on the Lemur, range it, and send it out to another Midi destination
MU : Reverb SH - LEGACY
Modified Version of MU-REVERB by JOSHUA DOANE made for the iPad Lemur app that I adapted for Legacy users
AB TOOLS 01 [Main Display]
Display parameter names, help text and parameter value.
Korg Wavestation SR SysEx
SysEx mappings
Colored text labels
How to set the color of text
Relative Endless Knob
Relative endless Knob example
Rob Papen's Blade LEMUR
All Controls mapped for Rob Papen Blade on Lemur
Rob Papen's Predator Lemur
Full control setup for Rob Papen's Predator plug-in
Rob Papen's BLUE Lemur
Full controls mapped out for Rob Papen's Blue plug-in
Endless Rotary Encoder with acceleration
This is a simple module which gives you an endless encoder
Ableton Breakpoint Auto Filter Control
Select Filter Type, Control Freq and Reso
Tutorial - Storing Values
Storing Values Workshop
Mu - Glue
Mu Glue Compressor Device Controller
Scalomat 2013
Scale dependent MIDI-keyboard
a canvas color picker
crop module
a crop (or 4 variable) picker
Double Fader
Volume and Filter Fader in a small unit.
Double Tap
Double tap example
recording objects (1.0)
Basic objects in which you can recording custom automations
ListBox module
Yamaha TX-802
editor for the Yamaha TX-802
Lemur Canvas GUI
First Graphical User Interface dedicated to Lemur's canvas object
go Button
Simple go button with features


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