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  • Posted by: Lasse Thomasson
  • Version: 1
  • Upload Date: 29 December 2011
  • Downloads: 830

A Mackie interface for Cubase for the iPhone/iPod Touch.
Perhaps not the most obvious device for a Mackie interface, still if that's what you got then it can be useful. Works great as a Wifi remote if you are tracking yourself in the studio.
One page for faders, mutes, solos, record arm, function buttons and automation selectable with a drop down menu.
One page for transport controls, markers, saves, undos and similar functions.
Selected Channel functions like Pan, Inserts, Eq and sends are not implemented. Also the surface LCD text is very small and hard to read (but then it's a small device).
Also includes a page for Cubase Quick Controls.
Mackie interface uses MIDI 0 and Quick Controls Midi 1.

More about the Cubase implementation of the Mackie controller can be found here:

Note: To get the surface LCD to display correctly the midi port must transfer SYSEX messages. I've tested this template over Midi Wifi and Windows XP and not all midi port emulators behave correctly in this matter. I can confirm that Midi Yoke works fine.


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