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Cubase C121 + Quick Controls

  • Posted by: James Dean
  • Version: 1
  • Upload Date: 27 February 2012
  • Downloads: 2766

Updated: Now works via Midi 1. New generic control file included in zip. Also key command file and instructions added

Page 2 now has multiball control for quick controls 1+2, with faders for 3-8.
Midi keyboard for effects with Midi in (sends on Midi 2)

Cubase control focused on selected channel (kind of a C121 emulation). Works best with a preconfiguered template.

Key commands: Zoom, grid size, quantise, automation, Inspector toggle, workspaces, mixers (customise to your liking)
EQ 1-3: Freq, gain, Q, power, All bypass
Sends 1-6: Level, power, pre
Inserts: Edit + bypass inserts 1-3
Channel controls: Fader, read/write, solo, mute, pan, record arm, edit ch, edit vst, navigate
Transport: Controls, click + pre count toggle

One issue with Cubase is that when working with Midi tracks channel select is focused on the Midi channel, therefore you have no control of the target vst audio ch. I've found it best to set prefs so that record arm of each track is manual. That way when you open the vst audio channel edit window the target vst audio ch is automatically selected (becase project and mixer sections need to be synced for QC to work) and you lose focus of the vst midi track, but it stays armed and you can still trigger the vst if needed via your keyboard etc.

Includes Cubase generic remote
* There are two macro commands for Zoom Selection and Export audio:
Zoom selection is Edit-select all, Zoom to selection horizontally, Edit-select none. (good for editing midi)
Export audio is Edit-solo, File- export audio mixdown (you need to set LR locators + select desired track for bounce)


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