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Ableton Live DJ Control

  • Posted by: Alex DxM
  • Version: 1
  • Upload Date: 7 February 2012
  • Downloads: 1968

This template is a DJ controller for DJing on Ableton Live.
I have set it up very quickly to be able to mix with Live and have the basic functions to do a decent DJ set, such as browse tracks, mix, beatmatch, loop, and use simple effects (like a 3 band EQ, an Auto Filter XY, a Beat Repeat, a Simple Delay)
I created the third layer of this controller to have pads of MIDI Note triggering effects in two Izotope Stutter Edit (one on each deck).
This controller helped me to DJ for an event, and it was also good way for me to learn how to create easily a Lemur template on Lemur Editor.
It's pretty basic (and a bit poorly made) but it's not finished and I will add some changes on it soon.
For questions or infos , contact me at


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