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  • Posted by: Rheyne
  • Version: 1
  • Upload Date: 12 February 2012
  • Downloads: 4256

Note: Everything's mapped and ready to play when you launch the included Ableton Live projects, as long as you have Lemur properly connected and communicating with Ableton Live, either via the Daemon (use Daemon Output 0) or a wired MIDI interface. The template uses multiple MIDI channels.

A live demonstration video can be seen here:

This is a live looping template for Lemur and Ableton Live 8 for audio input, drums, a monophonic synth, and a polyphonic synth. The drums and synths are included. To use the Audio-In portion of the project, assign one of your audio inputs from your audio interface to the "Audio-In" channel in the Ableton project.

Two Ableton Live projects are included in this download: one for owners of Native Instruments "Massive" and one which works with the full download of Ableton Live. No other software or plugins are required. "Massive" is highly recommended, and version 1.3 of Massive is required or the patches will not load.

I'm hoping to learn how to add more objects which offer more visual feedback of the current state of the loopers (record / play / overdub), selectable MIDI channels for each page, and some sort of pulsing LED indicating tempo. Until then, it's required to go "on feel" and will most certainly require some practice. Loopers are set to quantize on the bar, to help tighten-up the groove. Since the Ableton Live projects are included, you can customize the entire project to work with your existing setup.

A majority of the template's CC's transmit on MIDI CH 5. The drum pads trigger on CH 6, the mono synth is on CH 7 and the poly synth is on CH 8. The logic behind this was to separate the template from existing hardware in my studio.

Feel free to email me with any setup questions:


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