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  • Posted by: Jay Dspace
  • Version: 1
  • Upload Date: 7 April 2012
  • Downloads: 1092

This 'Test Set' will allow you to quickly dial in a MIDI Non-Registered Parameter Number (NRPN) parameters/values for your synthesizer or other device and send changes using a Multiball.
It will also receive any NRPN message from your device and display the decoded info for you to track for whatever reason.

Includes a simple note generator so that you can hear changes to tone as you experiment.

Included is the full library to make this work in your own template without having to dig into the gory details of MSB/LSB encoding/decoding. Docs are attached and within help in app.

Note: This only works for devices that feature MIDI NRPN control, it is useless otherwise.

version 1.2c update 7 April 2012:
- includes two sample knobs that sends selectable
NRPN parameter + value
- ntx(param,value) function updated to always send parameter address and value as required by some synths/controllers (Novation)
note the ntxfancy(param,value) contains the original version with auto NRPN increment/decrement and other logic.

Hope that this enables your own template work!
Jay Dspace


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