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Sample Rekorder

  • Posted by: Alexey Popoff
  • Version: 1
  • Upload Date: 16 February 2012
  • Downloads: 578

Sample Rekorder is a touchscreen MIDI controller for iPad created using liine Lemu for iOS. It allows for full control over a Sample Deck in NI Traktor Pro 2 and has built-in record function that leverages the Loop Recorder module of the Traktor application (works best in internal mixing mode). The combination of the two makes for a very powerful tool that let’s you create new beats on the fly by using one-shot samples or play and record loops to create an extra layer in your mix. The package includes Lemur template and a mapping to load in Traktor.

Key Features

- Enable/disable Sample Deck directly from the controller
- Full control over all parameters of the Sample Deck
- Loop Recorder integration
- Visual feedback that allows for eyes-off-the-computer performance

Full description can be found in the document included with the template and mapping.


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