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  • Posted by: Jay Dspace
  • Version: 1.3
  • Upload Date: 14 November 2012
  • Downloads: 1516

March 2014 notes:
This version works best on Lemur version 4. An update will be released to make it work well on version 5.

Note Generator
- Note repeat, note rest time, note length, crude play 5ths mechanism that will follow selected scale start/end octave.
- Note randomizer with min/max midi note number selections and note velocity.

- Expandable/Collapsible keyboard from 2-to-6 octave keyboard.
- v1.3 feature : in setup there is an option to make wider keys. Each keyboard then becomes a single octave with a total range of 3 octaves by stacking 3.
- Note hold button, length selector, Automatic re-trigger time selector, and note velocity.

Many of the controls feature a random button.

- Selectable MIDI controller parameter and slider to send values

Version 1.2 Update 10/13/2012:
9 Months after releasing the first version!
- Added Expandable/Collapsible keyboard that can now range from 2-to-6 octaves
- Optimized interface
- Fixed bugs related to keyboards. No more stuck keys and key-lighting weirdness (that was difficult to get right!)

Version 1.3 Update 10/14/2012
- Corrected bug related to not all black keys playing correctly.
- Added 'Keyboard Width' in setup, to switch between a one and two octave keyboard per row.
This features accommodates those with bigger fingers! : ) Cheers to Anthony who suggested this feature.

So hopefully this is something that you'll find useful in your own templates or simply to send notes to a synth/plugin while you work on the patch.

Jay DSpace


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