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Logic iPhone Mackie Control

  • Posted by: Ed Errington
  • Version: 2
  • Upload Date: 21 August 2012
  • Downloads: 2113

Logic MCU emulation for iPhone.
Retina version added. There's now a template for retina displays, and one for non-retina, which shows text correctly for each.

Scroll between Fader bank and Vpots/mute/ solo/select/rec buttons. Also page with Vpot modes, automation, utilities and location subcontainers, and a new page with transport.

Touch the LCD display for Vpot push. Swipe across buttons for multi on/off.

Meter display now included - read the README file for full info on how to get it to work.


NB: LCD shows 5 characters rather than 6 for general legibility on non-retina display.

(NB - Small bug (I think) in the SurfaceLCD object's ch 8, which appears to map the mute flash on/off to the vpot fwd/back - only by one tick, though, and not greatly disruptive....)


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