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Sequencomat V1

  • Posted by: Mat
  • Version: 1
  • Upload Date: 1 April 2012
  • Downloads: 1667

Sequencomat V1 (re-release for iPad 2012)

Stepsequencer in max/msp. Works with free max runtime and parallel with max4live patches.
Patch needs a rewire-host to sync to (no own clock section), but can send notes to any midiport installed on the system.
Zip contains a detailed manual (pdf) for setup with many screenshot, a documentation of all functions and some scripting tutorials.
EDIT: Added a module for hardware lemur too.

- rewire host control (play/stop bpm)
- 8 track, 16 step
- 16 patterns, saved within lemur project
- global values: grid, playdirection, midichannel
- track values: pitch, velocity, length, random
- step values: step on/off
- transpose slider
- track and step mute
- rollpad
- new: physics on velocity and length

For details refer to the threat at forum:



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