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Serato 2.4 w/ platter

  • Posted by: Nathaniel Marrin
  • Version: 1
  • Upload Date: 29 March 2012
  • Downloads: 1271

Serato 2.4 w/ platter 1.1 (released 2012-03-29)

Added a new tab Library/Setup. Support for Loop and Auto Loop added

Auto Loop:
- Auto Loop values can be triggered using the value pads
- When an Auto Loop is engaged from the Lemur the led above the value will
illuminate in green
- A slider has been provided to lengthen or shorten the Auto Loop. If an Auto Loop
is currently active or [Engage Autoloop] is highlighted moving the fader will
adjust the Auto Loop. When [Engage Autoloop] is disabled moving the fader will
cause the led above one of the Auto Loop values to change to red. This will be the
value that will be triggered the as soon as [Engage Autoloop] is pressed.
- [Loop Roll] will change how the Auto Loop behaves. This works for both the
fader and the pads
- When [Trigger] is engaged the [Loop] button will cause the loop to be fired like
a cue point
- Mode items have been moved to the Library / Setup tab
- [<] and [>] buttons have been moved to the platter.

Serato 2.4 w/ platter 1 (released 2012-03-20)

Initial release of the Ipad Lemur template supporting Cue, Platter, Pitch and Mode


- [Set x] buttons delete and set cue points so a cue is not accidentally fired
when reassigning a cue point
- Pitch fader w/ ajustable range. Changing the range using the [Range] button on
the Lemur will adjust the labels displayed above the fader. If the Lemur and
Serato are not in sync you can change the range in Serato until they match up and
then continue to make changes using the Lemur
- The platter can be used to pitch bend or scratch. The platter will start in
pitch mode so you will need to use the [Scratch / Jog] button to change the
desired effect of the surface.
- The fader allows you to controle the speed sent to Serato when you move forward
or backward on the surface.

The scale_factor on the Platter Control - Control Change event controls how small
movements on the virtual platter are translated to the Serato platter. I recommend a
value between 3 - 5 but you can change this to match your taste.

<Control name="Platter Control Left" channel="1" event_type="Control Change"
data_type="Relative Binary Offset" scale_factor="5" control="76" />


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