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Sonic Charge uTonic update/remake version 1.5

  • Posted by: Markus Zorn
  • Version: 1
  • Upload Date: 23 April 2012
  • Downloads: 653

Credits go to chris michaels who had the idea and did the first version, including all of the assignments of uTonic, except those I added additionally. BIG THANK YOU!!

List of changes:
- almost complete remake of the layout
- changed positions and size on most of the objects
- changed and/or added text on most of the objects
- grid behavior (with text) on some of the faders where
it was useful
- added two extra faders for separate control of attack
and decay
- added stereo on/off custom pad
- changed colors (I hope they are O.K., because I am
colorblind, if not change them :-)). Did same
colors for OSC or Noise controllers
- added an extra fader for the soundmorpher which
makes an additional control with the Ring area that
existed. This is especially useful if you want to do
adjustments on different positions, because Ring
area always jumped back to it´s mid position. It also
works great with the additional scripts that can be
downloaded at Sonic Charge Forum.
- exchanged some pads with custom buttons,
including different text regarding position and
function of the faders.

Midi confg. file for uTonic at forum here:

open uTonic midi confg. / load confg.
Open lemur daemon and set it up with e.g. : Midi 0 "Daemon output 0" and "Daemon input 0". if you haven´t done so already (actually "Daemon input 0" is enough, because the iPad doesn´t get updated the other way around anyway, except the sequence data on trig pads as far as I know, but I have set it up like this for my other templates) . Make sure you choose "Daemon input 0" on your "midi in" in the track of your DAW to control uTonic.


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