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Mashy for Traktor

  • Posted by: Andrew Norris
  • Version: 1.3
  • Upload Date: 2 September 2013
  • Downloads: 9853

**Update v 1.3 Sep 2013** Template now updated for full control over Remix Decks - load, capture, trigger & delete samples across all 64 Cells. Flux Mode added, Prepare page updated and you can now switch between Decks A & C and B & D independently.

**UPDATE v1.21 Feb 2013** There was a problem loading the template in Lemur Editor v4 on Windows. It would cause the Editor to crash. This has now been fixed.

**UPDATE v1.2 Dec 2012** Mashy has been updated to include selection of the new Macro effects in Traktor 2.6.

Mashy for Traktor is a 2 page, 4 deck (2 regular decks and 2 Remix Decks) template for Traktor v2.6.2 and above.

It’s a hybrid of the popular TouchOSC templates, Mashy 2 and Jog-On by and is designed to make looping, beatmashing and applying FX easy.

There’s full control over Remix Decks, Loop Recorder and a page for preparing / cueing / marking tracks as well as your standard mixer and transport controls.

More info and the older legacy templates for Traktor 2.1.3 and 2.6 here:


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