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Oberheim Matrix (1000)

  • Posted by: Bronc Combo
  • Version: 1
  • Upload Date: 26 April 2012
  • Downloads: 1701

I wrote this using a Matrix 1000, although it's my understanding that it should work with the 6 and 6r as well.

Note that the processor on the Matrix synths is slow. Most of these parameters will cause the Matrix to hang if you alter them whole playing. It's generally better to make a change, wait a few seconds, and then play.

Select MIDI target in upper right hand corner.
Modulation matrix is one the ".." tab. Be sure to hit SEND for the synth to react to your changes.

I recommend setting a preset on your synth to match how the template is currently set up. Makes sound design easier.

I haven't added in some of the global parameters yet, but I will get around to it at some point. Hopefully.

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