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Route n Range

  • Posted by: Mat
  • Version: 1
  • Upload Date: 28 April 2012
  • Downloads: 580

This module is a maxpatch controlled by a lemur with a bidirectional OSC connection. While the Lemur controls the patch, all Midi IN & OUT is handled in max/msp. (In fact the patch also works completely without a lemur.). It works with the free max runtime and also parallel with m4l patches.

Incoming Midi CC can be linked to 8 Controllers. Each Fader got a attached range, which controls the value output, displayed in a monitor below. Midiinput can also be overwritten by moving the Fader directly.
Settings of all In and Out routings and ranges can be saved in 12 sets (will only load routings, not snapshots of the CCvalues! triggering is initiated by hardware input)
Midiports for IN and OUT can be only chosen on maxpatch but are saved in sets; split for Controller 1-4 and 5-8.
Zip contains the maxpatch and 2 lemur surfaces for iPad resolution (full and halfscreen) + legacy resolution.

The module has a very specific usecase and is mostly good for routing old midigear dynamically on lemur. For further details, visit the forum.

Enjoy! mat


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