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Roland MKS-80 Editor

  • Posted by: Puzzlegob
  • Version: 3.7
  • Upload Date: 8 August 2012
  • Downloads: 1732

A template to control all parameters of the Roland MKS-80.

NB: MKS-80 must be set to MIDI Mode III to allow external parameter changes.

Version 3.7
-Init Tone button added for upper & lower tone pages.
Resets all faders to a very basic patch for a 'clean slate' for creating patches.

Version 3.6
-Bugfix: LFO Rate on upper tone is working again

Version 3.5
-Tone morphing pads now send/receive MIDI #CC (Channel 3 for upper, Channel 4 for lower).

Version 3
New Features
-16 parameter customisable tone morphing page
-Send parameter snapshot to MKS-80 voices from editor tabs

Version 2
New Features:
-Able to select MIDI Channel
-Faders/Knobs respond to MIDI CC#
-Display at the top of template displays currently edited parameter, value and related CC# number.
-Parameters with inversion toggles replaced by bipolar faders.

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