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  • Posted by: Mark Jarzewiak
  • Version: 1
  • Upload Date: 18 July 2012
  • Downloads: 1238

I wanted to make another dedicated VST template for a great free VST, the Synth1. You can easily find it online and it is a fabulous VAS based on the architecture of the Nord Lead 2 by Ichiro Toda. The VST is also recently available for Mac, though I'm not sure where the ccm settings file would go on Mac. Unzip and make sure to place the ccm file in the Synth1 settings folder. Load up Synth1, click on the Opts button and under the MIDI tab, load the Synth1 file (LeSynth1.ccm). Everything (except poly voices selector-not available for remote control) will be adjustable from dials/switches on your screen with the notable exception that you will have to expand the LFO window to reach all LFO parameters. You can set the Midi Channel for this template. All objects are additionally set to Parent Midi so if you want to set this to a Midi output from Lemur different than MIDI 0, click on the Parent object/Midi Settings in the editor and change it to whatever MIDI out you have set up. Please leave feedback on the forums.

EDIT: 2 people have downloaded, changed the Physics button so with physics disabled will be correct, not Interpolate.

EDIT: v1.1 bug with filter xy pad fixed
EDIT: 7/18, added an AutoPan feature not available in Synth1, enjoy

EDIT: 7/18 #2
Found another oddity, most probably wouldnt find it but fixed a bug withPan and Tone zeroing functions (undeclared feature, press the text labels for these in the EQ/Pan section and it sets them back to center)


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