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Ableton Clip Launcher

  • Posted by: Panos La
  • Version: 3.1
  • Upload Date: 4 January 2013
  • Downloads: 3636

This one is a Ableton Clip launcher with visual feedback based on the Live Clip Manipulator template that I found here. I just took that one and pushed it a step further by adding the option to adjust the number of clips you can have without having to go back to Lemur Editor and configure everything. It goes up to 64 clips (8x8 Table) and everything is ready to play. It uses the CC's from 0 to 63 in channel 1. In the info tab there is some info on how to change the channel.

I will post later on a version where you will be able to change the range of CC numbers as well as the channel.

With the updated version simply set everything up and running (Lemur and Ableton) and start mapping right away. I changed the way that the mapping is working so now changing the table size won't mess up your mapping.

For any requests comments or anything that could give me some feedback and collaborative spirit you can contact me here:


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