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  • Posted by: James Dean
  • Version: 1
  • Upload Date: 27 September 2012
  • Downloads: 2964

XYPad is a MIDI controller template for iPad Lemur.

The template features 6 XY Pads

PADS 1-4 (Lemur MIDI 1)
Send midi CC data via XYZ parameters.
MIDI CC messages can be specified for XYZ parameters via the settings menu
Default on-load MIDI CC for XYZ [PAD1 21,22,23] [PAD2 25,26,27] [PAD3 29,30,31] [PAD4 32,33,34] To change settings select Settings, Midi target e.g Pad1 = P1, enter CC + OK

Additional functions include:
XYZ mute. By default Z is muted on-load
XY output range (via settings)
XY range lock (via settings). Range lock applies to all range parameters
XY invert (via settings)

PADS 5-6
Two large pads that act as master macro controllers for Pads 1-4. Pads 5 + 6 do not send any CC data

Additional functions include:
Assign XY parameters of pads 1-4 to follow Pad 5 + 6 XY via Macro menu table. When macro assignment is active, the buttons are coloured.
Touching Z on Pads 1-4 will reset macro control

Uses Mackie Control protocol via MIDI 0 (Cubase)
Nav up, dwn, to left and right locator, stop, play, record, cycle
Access pads 1-6 and settings page


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