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  • Upload Date: 13 November 2012
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This was something I personally needed and figured it might be useful to others as well. You can control Live's BPM absolute value by using the left -&+ buttons. You can control in fine resolution (0.01 steps) by using the right -&+ buttons OR by dragging the BPM display upwards-downwards.

You have to manually map the controls inside Ableton Live using its native "Midi Learn" mode.

CAUTION: You need to specify the mapping of "Song Tempo" to the range of 20bpm-147bpm and that is the functional range of the controls. You also need to set the "Song Tempo(fine)" mapping to accept Relative 2s Complement messages.

Due to many limitations I encountered, bi-directional communication is only applied to the absolute BPM value - NOT the fine. However you can always "reset" the fine to 0 by using the left buttons (BPM absolute setting). In the .zip file there are both a module and a project file (screenshot).


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