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Traktor 26 Ultimate

  • Posted by: Pjean
  • Version: 1.2 Final
  • Upload Date: 31 December 2012
  • Downloads: 5677

UPDATE Version 1.2 (Finale) (31/12/2012)

[Adding mapping out the equalizer section.
[interface modification Master, add Pads control volume for each players
[cancel the Live container input, modification directly on the player.
[Added "panel Advance Mode" for players
[Added Map and cue mode selector for Hotcues
[Added grid editor
[Added "split" mode for group effects.
[some bugs fixed behavior.

UPDATE VERSION 1.1 (21/12/12)
[v4 optimization Lemur with skin "pixels".
[Addition of independent functions tsi, auto-start on volume fader.
[Addition of "split" on the effects. (DW touch the fader and the effect works, release the touch, and the effect stops.)
[Added a -40 db on the master volume.
[Changing colors fader volume (gray to blue) depending on its value.
[Changing the behavior of the flux state.
[Addition of equalization presets for each drive in the master window.
[addition of the optional pre / post fader VU meters.
[VU meters turn red when the value is greater than or equal to 0.97. (Global value that can be changed as desired).

Following template allows you to use Traktor in different configurations:
choice in the template:
- Each player is independent and can choose its own configuration
(Player / Remix Deck or Live Input deck) with adjustment of the player on the screen.
- 4 full effect in single or group. (Important to properly configure the order of effects I located - you have screenshots in the zip file.
- Implementation of virtual keyboard with the controls on the browser list.
(you must add Kbmouse0).

The template is Midi0.
Using LoopMidi on PC.


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