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43 (Update1)

  • Posted by: Alexey Popoff
  • Version: 1.0 (Update1)
  • Upload Date: 30 March 2014
  • Downloads: 2650

Update1 has no new features, but fixes a problem with FX selection menus behaving erratically after Lemur 5.x and Traktor 2.6.x updates. See updated ZIP for new .jzml and .tsi files as well as detailed release notes.

Forty Three - Advanced FX Controller for Traktor 2.6.x Created by Alexey Popoff

Previous Version (known as "21"):

Key Features:

- Full control over all 4 of Traktor's FX units on one page - every parameter, knob and button, including effect routing (NEW)
- Custom-designed drop-down effect selection menus that provide quick access to all 43 effects that come standard with Traktor 2.6.x (NEW)
- Freely assignable XY Pad with automatic engagement of selected effects upon touch
- Ability to modulate effect parameters in two different ways - "Bounce" mode for a more random modulation or "LFO" mode for BPM-synched customizable oscillation of X and Y values (NEW)
- Full bi-directional control for every element in the template - use mouse/keyboard or a different controller, 43 will promptly reflect any change to any of the effect parameters

Package Includes:

- User's Guide
- Lemur template
- Traktor mapping
- Update 1 Release Notes in a .txt file

Have fun!


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