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Sonar LeMackie v2

  • Posted by: Softcore
  • Version: 2.1
  • Upload Date: 22 February 2015
  • Downloads: 2297

2.1 update: LED rings fixed

Version 2 features:
- V-Pots with LED feedback and push (tap) function (big thanks to Kiss 'Lori' Lorand)
- Master Fader double tap reset (enable/disable setting available in "Mackie Settings")
- Level meters to quickly see the presense of signal and if a track is clipping (Meters change color to RED). Delay time of resetting to "green" adjustable in "Mackie Settings"
-detailed set up and usage instructions in PDF included pdf. Re-written, now includes tables with all the Mackie functions adopted to the Lemur emulation and its unique features ("edit" dual color LED, "flip" dual color LED, v-Pots bottom Led dual color)
- perfect integration, no flakey feedback, what you see displayed on Lemur is always what is really going on in the software
-selected track displays brighter fader and V-Pot
-Intuitive layout: pressing any of the modifier buttons changes the context of all the relative buttons, nearly no manual or instructions needed for the implementation of Mackie in Sonar - just press any modifier button and all the controls change to reflect current operation
- visual displays for "view" mode, numeric input mode, flip modes etc etc via leds
- bonus ACT Controller page to control individual plug in synths and/or effects (on top of the existing Mackie control for plug ins)
- buttons and functions all named after the specific Sonar Lexan overlay
- a few functions not even mentioned in the manual are also displayed relative to context (M3 Modifier ->Input Monitor)
- settings page for behavior of faders, sensitivity of VPots and more

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