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Numerology Mononote OSC

  • Posted by: Andreas Holmberg
  • Version: 0.8
  • Upload Date: 24 January 2013
  • Downloads: 869

OSC template for Numerology MonoNote Sequencer.

This template can be used with every +12/-12 sequencers. But is optimised for Numerology MonoNote.

Fix in version 0.6:
Menus fix
Trackbar fix
Shift buttons added

Fix in version 0.7:
Interfaces structure
H.Sync menu added
Skip buttons added
Mute buttons added

Fix in version 0.8:
Auto Evolve button added
Buttons for reseting parameters added
Reset All button added
Minor Interface layout bugs fixed

I have manage to add nearly all funktions now. The only things that a missing is the Generate menu, I dont know how I can do that. And also some minor things like pitch range and step rest.
The auto evolve button is made in Numerology with four Paramods and a CV gate sequencer sending a signal to the X Y and Z buttons on the first step. I will add controls for this sequencer in a future update


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