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Endless Rotary Encoder with acceleration

  • Posted by: glint eye
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  • Upload Date: 18 January 2013
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This module gives you true +1 / -1 encoder behaviour of a knob object in endless mode.

This is done by a little script in the object.
I got the module from this Mackie template

I extracted the encoder and finetuned the script through some trial and error rewriting because i'm not really able to write scripts myself out of nothing.

anyway, the encoder gives you true encoder behaviour in 7Fh / 01h mode.

you will also get 7 different acceleration values. so that if you turn the encoder faster, you get higher midi values.

The module is still a bit iffy though, at least with me. i tested it in traktor pro 2.6 with a jogwheel mapping. acceleration detection works fine. its just when i let go of the encoder, it seems to keep running for about a second on a very low speed. its hard to explain. i also checked everything with a midi monitor (midiox) and the messages seem to be fine (maybe its traktor i dont know) just try it yourself. for my purposes its a handy replacement for the nonexistent endless encoder in lemur.

if you know a bit more about scripting you might find the problem if its in the script.

to get your cc messages just enter the cc message und channel you want in the objects midi targets for "vpot" and "vpot_ccw". it has to be the same cc message. and make sure that the "x" value in the midi targets stays off (to avoid midi learn iffyness). but you can still assign "z" for any message you want.

with this solution you've got around 160 or 170 clicks per revolution. i did not count to the end.

have fun

edit: you can edit and finetune the acceleration behaviour in the script "step" inside the object.
there you have values like "0.01", "0.025", "0.04" and so on. these mark the value change of your rotary movement and on the very end you've got the numbers "7", "6", "5", "4" and so on. these mark the according midi message incremental or decremental.

with some tinkering you can figure out how everything works and you can make some changes yourself.

to check the midi messages i suggest a midi monitor program. i use windows and the program a use is midiox:


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