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Ableton DJ Mixer

  • Posted by: Nicolas Boileau
  • Version: v1-0-1
  • Upload Date: 3 March 2013
  • Downloads: 1799

A .jzml and accompanying .als for a 4 channel DJ mixer. 3 channel EQ, (buttons below EQ reset knob to center). Set Master channel's output to your master out, and the Return channel labeld Cue to your cue. Each channel can be assigned to one of 2 filters that can be accessed by hitting the respective buttons in either of the bottom corners of the template. Opening both filters will also grant access to the filter mixer. Select one side as master, and the other filters type will be set to the masters opposite, you can then use the breakpoint in the filter mixer to control both filters and fade between channels this way. Also includes cross fader. To turn off filters or x-faders for a given channel, hit the active button. Enjoy.

(Midi Data is transmitted on target 1, be sure to set up target 1 in the Lemur daemon if you have not already)


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