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Advanced Keys v2.6

  • Posted by: Softcore
  • Version: 2.6
  • Upload Date: 7 April 2013
  • Downloads: 2286

NEWER VERSION 3 based on canvas object available in library.

Version 2.6 changes:
- Template and library files optimised for classic, shaded, and pixel skins, No Guide versions included

Bug Fixes:
- the "testing window" channel pressure display was not working in v2.5

Version 2.5
- the template can now be saved either with Split or Chained Mode enabled and will correctly initialise at the saved mode.
- Aftertouch ranges are now not hidden when Aftertouch modes are disabled so that you can adjust the range to assigned CC controller (if enabled)
- small display in Keys page and over the Aftertouch Range of assigned Controller to Aftertouch (if enabled)
- minor other visual enhancements and additions to the built-in user guide (No Guide version still available)
- optimising of code resulting in a decrease of editor reported memory usage down to 10% (8 % at NoGuide version)

Bug Fixes:
- Corrected visual initialisation of some "settings" elements
- minor visual fixes and glitches

Version 2 changes:
1.Independent Key-Aftertouch release settings for each row (when in split mode)
2.Option to assign each Key row's Channel Pressure to Pitch Bend Wheel , Modulation Wheel or any CC Controller from 2 to 127.
3.Option to hide-show the shapes inside the Keys
4.Availability of "NoGuide" module and Template

Version 2 bug fixes:
1.Finger Traces in Keys visible option not initialising correctly fixed
2. General optimising of code resulting in decrease of size even though more options were added
(from 15% reported in editor to 13% with Guide, 11% without the Guide)
1.6 version bug fix: Channel Pressure for top row in split mode not working fixed.

1.5 version changes:
-You can now test each row's Ranges independently in Testing Window
-Channel Pressure can now be tested independently for each row of Keys. Channel Pressure testing with Sample Key depricated
- slight coding optimisations

1.5 Bug fixes:
- Duplicate PitchBend and ModWheel Midi messages when in chained mode fixed
-Duplicate Channel Pressure messages when in chained mode fixed
-IMPORTANT!!! Inaccurate calculation of Channel Pressure when in chained mode fixed

Midi Keys which support Velocity (Y axis of finger when Note triggered) and aftertouch (Y Axis of finger on Keys while touching)

Both Channel Pressure and Key Aftertouch (True Aftertouch) are supported.

Split mode: 2 rows of Keys, each one with its own Velocity Range, Aftertouch Range, Octave settings, Midi channel selection and Channel Pressure (if enabled), Pitch Bend and Modulation Wheel. Channel Pressure is calculated as the "average" of all Keys pressed on each row.

Chained Mode: the two rows of Keys form a unified 2-Octave Keyboard with Velocity Range, Aftertouch Range, Midi channel selection and Channel Pressure (if enabled).

Fixed Velocity or Velocity depending on the Y Axis of Key triggered option for both modes.

Option to enable Channel Pressure, Key Aftertouch, none or both.

Key - Aftertouch release setting (0 to 5 seconds). If enabled (anything other than zero) the Keys are sustained for the given amount of time and the transmitted Aftertouch messages decay to 0 according to the release time.

Option to invert either Velocity, Aftertouch or both along the Y Axis.

Testing window to check various settings with a "sample-key".
Built - in user guide and warning dialogues.

Template file and module available, ready to be inserted in your project .


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