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  • Posted by: Softcore
  • Version: 1
  • Upload Date: 12 May 2013
  • Downloads: 831

This template consists of 8 faders and 4 XY pads (multiballs) with physics and accelerometer capabilities.

The set of 8 faders can be mapped to any CC number and any midi channel directly from the interface.
Each XY pad can then be mapped to any 2 of the 8 faders.

- XY pad ranged output via independent X/Y sliders
- XY pad physics mode with speed and inertia settings
- XY pad Gravity Mode with amount setting (weight)
- XY pads Lock axis feature
- color coded mini display in "faders" page displays the current position of the XY pads and their movement (if any)
- a duplicate-assignment prevention system for the XY pads - if the user tries to map an XY pad's axis to a fader which is already mapped to a different pad, the operation is not allowed.
- Physics,Gravity Mode or Lock status is immediately visible with a small "active" led when they are active

Its a pretty basic template which can also be used to get ideas fro your own scripts or study some scripting aspects.


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