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mTonic Lemurized v2

  • Posted by: Softcore
  • Version: 2.0
  • Upload Date: 10 July 2013
  • Downloads: 1987

This control surface combines the power provided by the latest update of SonicCharge Microtonic (μTonic, mTonic 3.1) which included CC feedback with the Lemur scripting for functions, which although exist in the plug in, are not midi mappable - accesible.

VERSION 2 changes - new features:
- Loading animation added – when mTonicLemurized is opened, version number and credits are displayed
for a few seconds
-“Randomizer exclude” feature added
- Ability to include pattern in “cut”, “copy”, “paste” and “exchange” edits of drum patch operations
-“Internal Pattern Preset Bank” added
-“Fine Adjustment Mode” added
- Sequencer “Running Light” added
- Acknowledgements section and more images added in the user guide
- Minor aesthetic fixes (brightness of some labels, coloring, etc)
- instant mapping configuration for all hosts. The native midi mapping system of the plug in is used with a provided MIDI config preset. Bi-directional communication supported,
- Drum patch operations: Init, Randomize (2 algorithms), Transpose, Cut, COpy, Pate, Exchange Drum patches.
- Pattern operations (on a per channel basis):
Clear, Randomize, Alter, Shift left-right, Reverse and Invert drum pattern. Probability sliders adjust the probability of triggers, accents and fills. Alter amount slider adjusts the amount of difference between a source pattern and the resulting one.
-Cut, Copy, Paste, Exchange drum pattern
- Pattern selectors for patterns "a" to "l"
- “Select Options” toolbar with ability to set desired velocity when drum channels are triggered by
selection, ability to momentarily mute an unmuted drum channel when selecting it
-“Quick Pattern Operations” added: the labels “trig”, “acc” and “fill” perform quickly deletion of triggers, all accents on – all accents off and all fills off
- Options for:
Knob Behavior Mode (linear, polar)
Show/Hide AB output selector - compatible with both dll versions of the plug in
Show hide Mute Buttons
Text labels opacity
-Tilt-To-Morph feature
plus more...

SPECIAL edition for compatibility with Ableton Live - bypasses inherent problems of midi messages being filtered out on certain circumstances with Ableton Live

Whats in the download zip folder:
Target0, target1, Target2 ready to load templates - typical and AbletonLive compatible templates, classic and pixel skin templates.

User guide in .pdf with detailed instructions on how to set up and operate. Technical details for the ambitious too and some design choices explained.

Version history, changes, bug submissions in the forum topic:


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