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AlphaTrack Module

  • Posted by: Catalin Marin
  • Version:
  • Upload Date: 15 July 2013
  • Downloads: 471

This emulates the AlphaTrack controller functionality including volume change, fader touch (the "TOUCH" button), Mute/Solo/Read/Write/Rec as well as the selected track name retrieval.
I also added the selected track Meters (with Peaks functionality).
I have tested this with Cubase 7 and it works perfectly. I have a very ample Composing/Film Scoring template of which AlphaTrack is only a fraction. This mega template would not work for anybody else as it is customized to my exact needs (a lot of macros, Generic Remotes, integration with AVID Transport, etc). So I had to remove all the irrelevant modules and buttons - that's why the uploaded AlphaTrack module has some blank spaces. Feel free to download it and modify it (enlarge fader, move buttons around, etc). Please make sure you don't touch the Meters though as their size is well balanced.

You need to add an AlphaTrack Remote in Cubase Setup (other DAWs are probably similar) and set MIDI In/Out to Lemur MIDI 2.
I have also uploaded a quick Generic Remote for Cubase that also has to be set on Lemur MIDI 2 (for the Meters).

Good Luck!


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