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Resolume Lemur

  • Posted by: Andreas Holmberg
  • Version: 0.91
  • Upload Date: 7 October 2013
  • Downloads: 2270

This is a Lemur project for controlling various effects and main controls in resolume

On the left you will find the color section, with various interfaces for controlling the color effects like Bright.Contrast, Colorize and Hue Rotate. The middle section are you will find the manipulation effect, and on the right you will find interfaced for transformation.


On the far right side you will find a interface section for main controls , clip selector and source control

Quartz Composer is a interface for controlling published QC composition parameters.

Line Scape isfor controlling the Line Scape source

Auto Pilot is a interface for controlling the Auto Pilot section

Remote is a remote control for tuning effects on and off

Clip Select is for clip selection and transport, This is the only interface running MIDI because you cant OSC map these functions in Resolume.

Auto Mask. Every layer has a Auto Mask effect.

Layer Transform is a interface for controlling the layer transform section.



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