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Rheyne v6

  • Posted by: Rheyne
  • Version: 6
  • Upload Date: 24 November 2013
  • Downloads: 566

Here's the latest version of the exact template I've been using in the latest YouTube vids (as of Nov 2013). This template does not include an Ableton Live Session, but is instead presented "as-is" for a closer look at what you see in the videos. It's still a fully-functional MIDI controller which you can map to any parameter in any DAW, and you can have control of multiple instruments at one time, each with its own set of controls. Some controls are duplicated across a couple of pages to provide easier access and less page-flipping during my jams, and adjusting one of them will automatically update the position of the duplicates across the entire template (once one of the objects is mapped to your software). The MIDI keyboards (and the rest of the template) are hard-wired to specific MIDI channels to work with my setup, but the editor can be used to change any of the objects to work with your own rig. The page dedicated to lighting is not actually sending out DMX, and will need a DMX to USB converter to be of any use for lighting, otherwise it can be used as a generic bank of faders. Any labels can be deleted or re-named to suit your own needs. I'm posting this at the request of a few listeners who wished to see the template, and hopefully some other folks can get some use out of it, or at least use it to launch their own ideas. Feel free to send me an email with any questions to rheynemail (at) gmail (dot) com.


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