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  • Upload Date: 9 February 2014
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Push Like scaled keypads
-Loads Of different scales with 7 modes for each scale in any key, on any channel
-Optional chord bar play triads from the chosen scale
-inversions of the chords(include a note or change octave of a note within the triad, include the octave of the root)
57 chord types*12 keys, each note of each chord has 5 inversions + any note of the chord can be ommited.
any chord in any key with its invertion/ommitions and its name can be stored in the 8 slot chord store.
which can be used optionally in ScaleyKeyPads, along with its triad bar.
chords can be played on any channel on any lemur port at any fixed, random, variable velocity

CC Bar
Fully configurable controller bar place it anywhere you want on the main pads page

Licenced under a
creative commons Attribution_NonCommercial_NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License


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