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  • Posted by: Brian Monroney
  • Version:
  • Upload Date: 25 February 2014
  • Downloads: 96

Access the controls for Line6 M9 Multi-EFX / Looper pedal. Provides quick access to Scenes, individual EFX bypass and Looper controls including the normally hidden Pro/Post switch and a "Capture" pad that starts recording when pressed and stops on release, for grabbing short bits of audio into the Looper. Faders and a linked XY pad control the M9s two expression pedals. Tap Tempo and Tuner engage switch. Partially bidirectional: Scene and bypass status are updated by M9 MIDI commands when selected - but the M9 does not transmit the state of individual EFX when a scene is recalled. NOTE: the M9 Looper MIDI implementation is odd, and there is bug in the firmware which prevents the LED from showing overdub state properly when controlled from MIDI. Combining physical M9 looper controls with Lemur controls may not always yield expected results.


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