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  • Posted by: Jay Dspace
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  • Upload Date: 10 May 2014
  • Downloads: 907

This 2.5 version ONLY works on Lemur version 5 or greater.
If you have an older version, then use the 2.1 version:

Full control of Dave Smith Instruments Mopho series synthesizers including the X4.
Includes a detailed interface to the synth's four sequencers and its parameters.

Sends and receives high resolution messages for detailed control of supported parameters.

Updates in version 2.5
1) Rewrote to work in Lemur version 5 or greater.
2) Interface bug fixes

Updates in version 2.5f on 10 May 2014:
- bug fixes, reworked 'swap settings' and zoom controls to be more (but not perfectly) predictable (envelope style controls are a problem).
* thank you Sculpair!
- note that the VCA/ENV control 'graph' mode does not work correctly with swap settings controls, use zoom instead
- The side navigation toggle other control panels and can be pressed multiple times to toggle
through setting panels, this is not a perfect interface, but one of my first and may someday be replaced.

To do:
1) Add 4th LFO
2) Integrate Lemur v5 clocking for Notegen.
3) Integrate v5 sequencer options in Notegen.

Have fun and checkout forum for all details.

See releaseNotes-v2_5f.txt in archive for more information.
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