User Library


Lets you edit the patches of a Yamaha DX7, TX7, TX816, TX216.
All voice and performance parameters are available.

Fifth revision.
* Recursion bug fixed.
As far as I coult use and tell it works perfectly. I included only the performance data wich is common to all the devices mentioned.
You can get the current patch from the dx/tx. Bear in mind that Operator Select and Operator ON/OFF parameters are not included in the voice data, therefore I dont know how to get them, you can only set.

You can send the whole patch with a button. This is done the stupid way, resending all voice parms one by one, instead of using the voice dump. Thats because I don't know how to calc the checksum with lemur (no typecasts or bitwise operators on integers)
Also it will show the voice name, but you can't edit or send it back.

All Best, enjoy


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