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CCequencer v2

  • Posted by: Softcore
  • Version: 2.2
  • Upload Date: 13 April 2014
  • Downloads: 3296

CCequencer is a Lemur template that can be used to sequence MIDI CC (Control Change) in order to control parameters of MIDI compatible software like DAWs, synthesizers and effects.

2.2 update:
global buttons added for quick enabling-disabling outputs and one shot for all 8 sequencers of CCequencer8

2.1 update:
CCequencer now correctly runs in background

v2 NEW features:
- two templates to choose: single and CCequencer 8 which features 8 color-coded sequencers , LEDs quickly display which of the 8 sequencers is actually on (has outputs enabled)
- ONE SHOT feature: enable a sequence only once and in quantization (next start to end)
- option to display either MIDI raw values or percentage below each step

- 1/16 division - selectable length (half bar, 1 bar, 2 bars, 4 bars
- edits and predefined functions can be applied to the whole or a part of the sequence by using a "selection bar" including "randomize", "shift left-right", "ease" (smoothing out of values) and more
- quicly change Lemur Target, Midi Channel and CC mappings from the interface
- 16 presets with ability to recall only sequences, or sequences and target - midi mappings
- bonus, independently mappable inverted output
- PDF manual included

youtube demo:


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