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  • Posted by: Alexander Phleps
  • Version: 3.3
  • Upload Date: 12 May 2014
  • Downloads: 799

When using Native Instruments' Maschine as a plugin in Ableton Live, every Maschine "Group" can be routed in a Live "Track". This Lemur template is made for an Ableton Live template that groups 8 Ableton Tracks corresponding to 8 Maschine outputs (A - H). It is recommendet to use the according Ableton and Maschine templates.

On each channel within the Maschine Group, there are 4 Maschine macros and 4 Ableton sends. Keep in mind that each of these is a different concept in a different audio workstation. The Maschine makros can range from -1 to 1 and stand at 0 by default. The Ableton sends are ranging from 0 to 128.

... "So what's with these tabs?"

Because space is very limited, the layout for all 8 knobs for an Ableton track spreads out over the width of the whole Maschine group. This area above the level sliders can be accessed via tabs. These tabs will automatically switch to, as you change the levels or mute/unmute, the corresponding track.

The "Ableton" group is much simpler, only contains the 4 sends and therefore is smaller. It was intended for field recordings but can be anything in Live that isn't Maschine.

Audio In and Master are present as a group, but really in the Ableton template they don't have to be.

The buttons on the right side are three overlays, two of which are currently empty. These were intended for additional controls the user can blend in. However, the preferences tab allows you reset the state of all UI elements to 0 and enable/disable the tabs automatic switching function.

MIDI and OSC should both be be working fine.


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