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Chord Pads

  • Posted by: Kevin Wyman
  • Version: 1.00
  • Upload Date: 9 July 2014
  • Downloads: 1971

Template lets you play nine different chords - in all twelve key signatures - using a set of drum pads. I was inspired to design this after seeing a similar feature in Cubasis. The template is set up to control any instrument on MIDI Channel 1, using Lemur Daemon Port 0 (configurable under "Global Settings").

The slider at the top lets you choose your "root" note. The nine chords below are based on this note (each pad has a chord symbol as its label - I left them on, but I prefer them disabled, personally).

Each chord is a four-voice "left-hand" chord voicing, which jazz pianists typically use. The first row is a (Imaj7 - iimin7 - V7) progression; the second row is (imin6 - iimin7b5 - V7alt); and the third row is an assortment of useful, non-diatonic chords (bIImaj7, bVIImaj7, and bVmaj7). They aren't arranged in any specific order - I simply arranged them in as memorable an order as I could.


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